New russian in Cairo

My name is Elena, and I'm Russian. I move to Cairo two months ago because my job. Try to find new friends, would be good to meet some russian.

Hello Elena ..... My wife is Ukrainian ..... Her name is also Elena ! .... We live near Rehab ......We lived there for 6 months but moved out recently. I will let her know when she wakes up .... You can contact her here on this forum, her nickname on the forum is "Ukrainian in Egypt" ...... Here is the link to her profile

Welcome to Egypt :)

Welcome Elena :)

thanks all of you

Hello elena , welcome to egypt.
if ur wishing to make some friends around and such,you should join the weekly meeting "Every Tuesday" check the stickies for more Information.

We will wait for u this Tuesday :) … p=3#581898

hey elena how are you iam tio from cairo hope u meet if u would like to and be good friends ..

don't hesitate if you want any thing just send me and i will . anything anyhing

You may want to also look up Russian speaking group xxx.
Welcome to Cairo

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I would love to meet you as my grandparents were from Russia.  I'll be there next August,  so let's keep in touch.

yes i like it so . i have 2 jobs in accounting and i also music composer i like to be different also in work . my best places in cairo is ELZAMALEK and HELIOPOISE and aslo ELDOKII STREET . where do you live in egypt

We hope to live in Maadi, but we haven't moved there yet. I'll let you know when we find a place.  Regards, Carol

maadi is very good place and you will join and i hope to see also in ZAMALEK street you will love it


You welcome

HELLO HOW ARE YOU this is khaled from maadi and i would like to connect with u if u would like

Welcome to Egypt, I advise you to visit Hurghada later , you will see many Russians living there and can make a lot of new friends.

Taxi drivers may charge you more money , Uber is more clean, safe and you have a record of your trip , I lost a very expensive shades and called them , the guy returned back to me .

Most of people are nice , and you have a lot of protection, not only from police but by the locals as well.

Use your common sense and you will be fine


Where can I find the weekly meetings information ?


welcome to Egypt

it's a long way from Russia down to Egypt, don't tell me that you're looking for Anastasia

Welcome and nice to meet you, my name is doctor / latif, i hope to be friends, please contact me, ***

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welcome to cairo elena
wishing you all the success

Welcome  Elena, I'm Tareq from Syria also I'm in Africa / Cairo, do you still here yet, if so I'd like to keep in touch with you.

Welcome in Egypt.
You can contact me freely.
I can host untill you find a place.

how do u like Egypt ?!

Hey elena , so dyu speak English ?

I am Egyptian. How are you

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