Where and how to make friends in Cairo?

Title says it all

It's easy to have friends in Cairo it depends on how can you treat with them and it depends on which place are you going to stay in

Am sorry that's the first time to use this site so am trying to adapt

From work or if u like going to clubs, u will find lots who r looking to friend females :)

There is a lot of friendships on the social networking sites you can join

maybe from the university where you study ..... or if you are practising any activities , you can make friends who share you similar hobbies

I am from cairo u r welcome 😊

lets talk and know each other to being friends ;)

You are in Cairo now? I need to make friends there as well, I am back in USA now to renew my daughter's passport and pack the rest of our things and I will be moving to Cairo permanently to be with my husband 😍

Its easy to find friends but make sure to pick good  Friends

You are welcome..I am Aly from Giza :)
There are very nice place to visit in cairo....
Nice Friends are not easy to find...you must be careful...you better join a club and then talk to people and then pick up good friends :)

As your title says it all, My profile says it all too ;)
Wish you have a wonderful stay Maya in the land of Pharaohs and magic ;)

you can consider us your friends welcome to Cairo . we can organize event to meet friends in this group

There is a lot of friendships on the social networking sites you can join

hi ...how are u ?

You can join any social activity...like yoga, gym, etc. Take sometime before making new friends

i think i will need that any suggestion

Hello all, I am Asu7s. I am spending my  vacation in Cairo and I would love to meet new friends to soend my time with and get to know more about the egyptian culture.
Please don't hesitate to hit me uo, i looove meeting new people from all sorts.  ***

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Hi Mayaa,
To really make a friend is not that easy, what most seek here is not friendship to frank. To be a friend with someone you really need to know that person and you won't be able to do that in a gym or a dancing class and definitely not over the social media. What you can make out of these would be some acquaintances. It can be a start.
Just watch-out and take your time, as you know there is always the good and the bad everywhere.

Good luck and enjoy!

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