Golden Visa Requirements

I would like to clarify the following points and would appreciate input from anyone with experience in Bahrain golden visa:

  • What are the requirements to qualify as a 'talented individual' for the Golden Visa application in Bahrain?
  • I have been working  in Bahrain with more than BHD 2000  for two years. Does this make me eligible for the visa, or do I need to continue for another three years to make myslef eligible for golden visa.

For salary, it should be 5 years. That's listed in the requirements. No harm in applying and seeing if they let it through. In the beginning they were relaxed with it as they wanted to issue these visas as much as possible. Dunno now.

Talented visa, rule of thumb, is a master / PhD degree, regional/global awards and publications in your field. Search the forum, there are a few people who have gotten it and they have posted their accomplishments.  Don't bother even applying if you are far away from that.

Thank you for the information