Working from Italy to Global company

Hi all, I'm an EU national and my wife is Italian. I'm currently working remotely in the UK to a US company present in the UK and EU - but not registered in Italy.

I would like to move to Italy and possibly keep my current job. Would that be possible?


I was trying to find that answer online for a potential future move to Turin. Ideally even now but not possible without landing a new job first.

I was thinking, If change jobs and find a new one in the UK to be 100% remote worker, so working for a UK company, getting paid in the UK in £, will I be able to permanently live in Italy?

My conclusion from the research I did came to be that:

for sort term up to 6 months yes, no big deal.

After that, likely it depends on one variable and one variable only.

If your UK employer allows you to do so.

From what I read, this is not common, and likely not acceptable, as there is heavy admin work by UK employer.

But assuming UK employer says they will support you, then yes, assuming that you are willing to put the heavy admin work required to organise the tax affairs and social security affairs that are involved with this arrangement.

So if UK employer supports you and you do the work then YES. This is my conclusion.

What you don't have to worry is Visa status as both you and your wife have the right to be in Italy for work. So this part is the easy part.