US expats living near Lake Garda?

Hello, Curious if there are any us expats living on Lake Garda

Hello baileyalexander,

Are you looking for information about Lake Garda or maybe you are looking for some new friends?
Do not hesitate to give us more details regarding your query.


Priscilla Team

@baileyalexander hello my family and I are looking to relocate to Sirmione next May. Can you share with me anything about life as an American there? Thank you!

I'm also interested in this topic!


Hello and welcome ! Feel free to introduce yourself to members. Do you plan to move near Lake Garda ?




My husband and I are Canadian and will also be moving to the Lombardia region in  the near future. We like Lake Garda but do not know too much about the area .

Are there English speaking Expats in the area?

What is it  like getting around during the tourist season?

What amenities are there?



I am here in italy, only a week now. I am an american expat, coming for 30+years in Africa. I would love to meet other expats for support , as I'm trying to set up a life for my children (who have italian passports, but have lived in Tanzania, and South Africa all of there life). Ill be in Moniga fro next week. I hope to find my people :-)