English speakers living in Verona!

Hello everyone, I'm Alice, I'm Italian but I lived in Canada for while and now I'm back in Verona and I miss speak English!! Is anyone from Canada here? Or from any other English speaker Country who would like to join me for a cup of coffee?



Hello Alice:

I am Canadian but Verona and all of is Italy is my joy . I am in Italy about 4 times a year.   I will be in Verona beginning December 7 and looking for a small apartment to buy but near Piazza Erbe or Piazza Bra.   I am not very good speaking Italian but I have learned how to communicate with Italian friends.   If you have the time, I would enjoy meeting you and speaking English.   


@canadared Hi Judith! Nice to meet you! :-) Thanks for the kind words! If you want we can meet up when you come! What do you think?


Please exchange personal details in the Private Message system that we have here.


Expat Team

@SimCityAT Which personal details? You mean a possible date?

Hey Alice, I'm up for having a cup of coffee one day1f60a.svg. I'm Andrea, I'm from The Bahamas (native English speaker), and I live in Verona. It would be nice to meet more Veronese and have a chat in English

@DreaS I've replied to you by private message

@alis90 I arrve in Verona late on December 7th and I will be there until the 15th.    Are you available on the Friday, December 9th.   I am staying between Piazza Bra and Piazza Erbe so I could meet you at a restaurant at either location for coffee or lunch.


And, thank you for responding.