Expat community in Treviso

Hi all,

I have recently arrived in Treviso with my Italian wife and 2 boys, I am English and have just spend the last 4 years in the US. I have looked for some Expat groups and can’t find any, are there any around? Keen to get to know the area a little as well as get to know the local business environment and a few local places to meet for a beer. Also a very keen mountain biker and looking forward to exploring the surrounding trails.


Hi dear,

We (my boyfriend and I) will move to Treviso at the end of this month.Did you found an expat community in Treviso ?
We're not english but it's not matter, i'm just curious to know if you found a better forum

Kind regards

Sadly no I have not found another forum. Good luck in Treviso it s a beautiful city.

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