i'll be happy to meet new friends, we're moving to italy any time soon we're just waiting for our visa to be released hope also to find jobs for english speaking, im from philippines and too bad im not good at italian. thank and nice to be part of this group!

Hi guys ! You're welcome in Trento. This is a magazine of free ads everyone reads over here:
(ads appear in both the online and the paper version)

As you see there isnt' an English version of the site.
English mastery is a very good thing but the lack of Italian knowledge makes the search for a job very difficult. Take also into account that Italy is in the more severe economic crisis of the last 60 years.

good luck


But if you use Chrome or Firefox the pages can be translated in English that may not be perfect but it lets you understand what they write.......

I would like to invite English and/or French people of Trento to a "meet and greet" on a Friday night somewhere downtown Trento - Ok! At Piazza Duomo then !!! Let me know if interested.....

So if you are a Canadian like I am, an American or from an French or an English speaking country or even an Italian who knows either language and want to make friends this might be for you...

See YOU soon ???

Hello guys, anyone still in Trento? I would love to meet some expats here (after covid restrictions are lifted)

That meet and greet still on the table? :)

Hey Steve,
Just saw your message regarding getting expats together. I wish I was there as I would definitely join you. My wife were planning to move to Trento or Rovereto this spring but the crisis postponed our plans. Now, we are looking late in the autumn or early next year. 
Although I have visited these cities while on vacation . I was wondering if you can tell me your experience of living there.
Thanks, Nick

Hi, I recently moved over to trento from Ireland and would love to try meet some new people. Unfortunately my Italian is very limited at the moment, I was looking into booking some lesson in the area if anyone had any recommendations?

@fionaodea Hi Fiona! This is Iole - Italian currently living in Surrey with a desire to come and live in Trento in the near future. Having lived for over 12 years in the UK, I now consider myself half British and was wondering how you were finding it all? Hope you'll be in touch and that we can help each other :)