Looking for expats in Alghero (Sardinia)!


I was just wondering if there are any expats in Alghero (Sardinia) willing to meet up?

I am curious how is your life here, how do you entertain, what do you do for living, etc.

It seems there aren't too many foreigners living in Sardinia :)

Hopefully there will be some reply...


Welcome to Expat.com Etyram!


My name is Paul and my wife is Diane. we have lived here in Santa maria la Palma for the past 3 years,for seven years prior to that we had another property in the area which we completely renovated and sold in 2009 when we bought this house.We Have recently started our own property management company sardiniabreaks.com We provide cleaning, meeting & greeting,Transfers and gardening,for our guests and for other owners. It's a varied life busy in the summer more relaxed in the winter, but it is very enjoyable and highly recommended way of life.Read our regular blog.

Dear Paul,

Thank you for your reply!

Indeed you sound satisfied describing your life here! This is great!

I am in Sardinia from 2010. Me and my partner apart from doing our primary jobs (e.g. I am translator) are running B&B's (Benebenniu & Cuscino e Cappuccino).:) Summer - busy time!

I wonder why so often those are foreigners or Sardinians that lived long time abroad rather than local Sardinians to open businesses for tourists? Pity statistics.

Paul, I wish you a great start of the season and really good summer!


PS: If you & Diane ever in Alghero and up for a meeting, let me know! By the way, did you know that from time to time there are meetings in Alghero where expats and Sardinians that lived abroad meet? Unfortunately I was abroad when these happened, but next time I am going for sure!

Hey! I'm an expat living in Cagliari, but I have family in Alghero I hope to visit soon :)

Hi we are paul and Di and we have lived in Alghero for 4 years now originally from horley near gatwick we run a small meet and greet cleaning etc company here looking to meet up with other expats.

Hi Marji

thanks for your reply.
We went to a meet up with a group of people a couple of weeks ago
possibly the same group,it was good fun and already we are in regular contact with a couple of people from this group.
Yes we would love to meet up for a coffee,we only live in Santa maria la palma and pop into Alghero often (our son goes to school there. So let us know when you are free.

Paul and Di

Hi, Paul and Di!

Thank you for reply!

I would love to meet! However I am currently not in Alghero. I'll be back to the island in June. Ill drop you a line and we can agree for a meeting also with other "foreigners". :)


(it's same as Maria :))

give us a call when you are back and we can meet up
Paul & Di

Hello Paul and Diane
I noticed this Sardinian ex pat thread and I hope you dont mind but thought I would get in touch.
We are swopping our house in Ireland for two weeks with a very nice Sardinian family. We have 4 small kids and so we are looking for a 6 seater car from Alghero Airport. The quotes for two weeks in August are astronomical, I am just contacting you in the off chance that you might know someone who would like to rent out an MPV or minivan for 11-25th August for 1000eu, I could be named as a driver on someones insurance, or rent from a local garage/car dealer etc rather than the companies at the airport. Hope this isnt too cheeky.
all the best

Hello Mark -> You could post an advert in the Vehicles section in the Italy classifieds or start a new thread on the Italy forum with your questions. :)

Thank you,

Sorry Mark, just seen your post. unfortunately there's not much I can suggest. Generally the best prices are online do not wait until you arrive there will be no deals,especially in August it is very busy now.If you want to get in touch for anything else when you are here please do, we could always meet up for a beer. We live in santa maria la palma. post here or try us on sardiniabreaks.com
regards Paul & Di

Hey guys! I'm living in Alghero for a while and would love to meet some expats =) I don't speak italian well yet so it's always a pleasure to communicate with anglophone people - though my english is a bit broken too. Would love to attend local expat events, if any still planned!

Hi Lomek
Where are you staying in Alghero? we live in Santa maria la palma
maybe we could meet up for a coffee.
let us know

Thanks for kind proposal! I'd love to.
I live on via Gaudi, in zona Maria Pia. Surely would like to meet you, just afraid that not today, since I didn't sleep yet =) I'm a little homestuck, so I don't really know any nice bars in the city except those on the beach. If you know a nice place just tell me,  and maybe I even could talk my wife to accompany me!)

sorry for the late response we have been busy with family over.maybe we could meet down by the marina for a coffee one morning? let me know. cheers paul

Hi everyone! I'm Fiona, we also just moved to alghero, living in maristella. We have 2 little kids that are attending the materna in fertilia. We don't know many people around here yet either so would love to meet up sometime, maybe we can go for a coffee in alghero?

Hi fiona we are paul and di we live in santa maria la palma and have been here almost 5 years. we are english and would be happy to meet up in fertillia (as it's nearer for both of us) for coffee
let us know. Paul and Di

Hi Paul + Di,

Thanks, that'd be lovely. Maybe sometime next week?
I'll send you a PM with my details :)

look forward to it ciao

hi, sorry for late responce =) for some reason I didn't recieve update notofocations on this topic until now. If you're going to meet with fionamaristella, I would love to join, if it's appropriate of course. Looking forward for invitation =3

Hi my name is Kathleen and I have recently moved to Cagliari, Sardinia. 
I am Irish and I am working in Cagliari as an English teacher. 
I am interested in meeting with others from around the area to get to know people and to find out more about the area. 
My hobbies included Art, walking and cycling and so I would be interested in joining groups such as those but also additional clubs or societies that may run in the area.

Hope to receive back some replies.

Hi Kathleen
there are quite a few expats living here in Sassari. I'm Italian but I spent more than half my life in the US and grew up bilingual. I'm 39, a psychotherapist in private practice and also work as a translator/interpreter on the side. I've been living here for 10 years. What brings you here? If you want to contact me feel free :)

Hi guys we are living in santa maria la palma near alghero. we also have our house . Fiona has seen up for sale if your interested in looking. Fiona has seen it and we just dropped €40,000. let us know good luck

Just find this thread today and I hope that I am not to off topic.

For many years I've been thinking of moving to Italy and I have family in Cagliari and Sassari.
The last time I visited was more then 25 years ago so I guess lots its changed.
How is the life in Sardinia, easy to find a job or not when your Italian is little ( I learned it when I was young but never maintain it but I think I can give it a boost)

Can any of you give me information how difficult or easy it will be, if I decide to make a move?


I have been offered a job in Cagliari as an English teacher, and would love to know more about expat meet ups and also about life in Cagliari

Thanks :)

You are welcomed to cagliari,cagliari being the capital of Sardinia is known for it tourist attractions,but there are not much to say about expat life.You can still enjoy your stay by creating it for yourself anyway.
I would have love to link up but i will be moving to the uk soon.
Best of luck dear.

So what sort of things are on offer whilst living there as a young British girl?

Does it have any nightlife?
Friendly and welcoming people?

nothing much,but there are few joints out there,some few clubs but it depends on ur taste and kind of music.As of me i'm into danhall,reggea,hip-hop and rnb and there are little or none of that here in sardinia,only occasionally when some reggea gigs are being organized.Ciao.


I saw your post from some time ago, hope you are still using this website.

I moved to Sassari and now I am looking for some expats to meet up and have a chat.


Dear Paul,
I am very interested to know your thoughts about Sardinia, especially during the winter months. I was born in Horsham, West Sussex lived in West Chiltington but moved abroad many years ago. I was in Sardinia 2 months ago. Jane


hello paul

im new to this Facebook group even though I've been coming for 20 years and have my own properties.

is it acceptable that I post pictures of kittens/cats needing homes.

in the uk I have a rescue centre so consequently I can't walk by when I see kittens/cats in danger.

I've done many neutering trips but you never really get anywhere.

i have 3 adorable healthy kittens I've found at el faro , it's quite usual. It's another dumping ground.

im looking for homes for them as I am leaving g on 14 th and the local rescue groups who I know, are not able to help.

best wishes


@Emma Ha84 Enjoy the pleasure