Hoping to connect with like-minded individuals

Hi everyone! I'm new and just wanted to pop in to say hello. Between life in the military and being a civilian contractor, I've spent nearly 40 years overseas. I know have a government lifeline keeping me afloat so-to-speak! I'd prefer to remain in Italy without having to worry about how long I can stay without it impacting my status as a us citizen. Likewise my wife can't exceed xx-number-of-months being out of the US without it impacting her green card holder status. So I'm hoping to connect with like-minded individuals who are maybe dealing with the same thing!

@surfseeker07  I have dual citizenship  . Did your parents or Grand parents born in Europe?   My wife recieved dual citizenship  through me. Does your wife not want to apply for American citizenship. 

@louiejack007 - hello louiejack. My wife is Italian and yes now that she has her green card, American citizenship is on our list. Likewise Italian citizenship for me (grandparents from Avellino). Having to stay the majority of time in the us to satisfy green card requirements is really impacting our plans.

@surfseeker07 just noticed a typo: I meant to say "after 40 years I no longer have a government lifeline keeping me afloat"