Searching For English-Speaking Italian Renovations Manager


We've just purchased a house in Frosinone region, Lazio and plan to start renovations in coming months. Due to the fact that we live abroad (close but still a flight) and don't speak Italian (yet) we're going to need a renovation manager/owner's representative in Italy who speaks both Italian and English.

Essentially this is someone that can help us co-ordinate and communicate with builders, the municipality, and any other specialists/professionals involved during the renovation process.

If anyone has any recommendations on how to go about finding such an individual, please let me know! Our nearest big town, for reference, is Cassino.

Thanks in advance!

Hi, I know someone in that kind of business living in Cassino. If you'd like, I can share with you the contact. They speak English, too.

@Cyreena thanks so much for the reply. Yes, please share their contact with me and I'll definitely get in touch!


The person you want is called  a  "geometra".



@kurtgilbertseven I believe they have been in touch with you, her name is Chiara :)

@Cyreena yes thanks, we are in touch!

@Janingal  I think that is just a surveyor and not an actual builder, who will have a team of many trades.

@Cyreena I am in the same situation! Would it be possible to receive the contact details of your contct as well?


@Cyreena I am in the same situation as described above. E.g. I am looking for a English speaking renovation manager in the Frosinone region. Would you be able to share your contact with me as well? It would be much appreciated. Regards

@jordiborst sure! it's @chiara199. I will let her know as well