Looking for Americans in the Verona area and nearby!

Hi everybody, I'm not new at all, been here for nearly five years now, but it dawned upon me only today that I could find fellow expats by searching on an online community! I'd love to connect with people living in the Verona area, or anywhere nearby (Vicenza/Padova/Venezia/Bologna, etc.). I miss speaking English! While I love living in Italy, I am having problems with the small town mentality of people in many places in the Veneto, whereby you are accepted mostly if you belong to a pack of sorts. I've never been a pack animal, and I'd just like to connect with people who don't have that particular filter about them! Looking forward to hearing from you :-)

Hi I think I can help you. I'm Mark and used to work on the base in Vicenza.  I now live in Venice however I do have some wonderful friends in Soave whom are Americans. Give me a call and we'll talk... Mark 348 854 2505

Hi Mark, just saw your answer today, thanks loads, I'll definitely give you a call this upcoming week. I'll text you first to know if it's a good time to call!

i need Help
American in Italy ankles on both legs major swolllemn need acupuncture asap
Verona AM have family weddding at 1pm
Please help
ps need English speaking,,,

There is a hospital in soave that us army used for years for service members wives used they can help....mark

Ciao Sally-
  I too have been here in Italy for quite some time and completely understand the effort required to meet new people. I would love to meet up and speak English! [Moderated: pls send your phone number via a private message]

All the best,


hi ! my name is Leti, i come from Paris, i live in Verona since 9 months and its also difficult for me, i try to go to Paris every 3 months... i miss all and Starbucks <3 <3 <3

Ciao Leti! Welcome to Verona...please let me know if you'd like to meet up for coffee/cocktails. I'm new here too...there is an English speaking happy hour next week in Verona, perhaps this will also be a nice place to meet new people.  Best wishes!

Hello Sally,
My name is Anne Marie Falanga Borriello. My husband and I live in Naples where he was born and raised and I am from the suburbs of Philadelphia. I am a resident of Italy. I am currently in America on holiday and returning home in mid December. We very much want to move to that area, my husband is a plumber and in the states I managed apt. bldgs. quite successfully for over 20 years. We feel if we relocate the chances of him finding work would be a better possibility....If you care to communicate I would very much like that b/c I to miss an American friendship. Not a lot of americans in Naples. We both have fabulous personalities and caring warm down to earth people.. He speaks no English at all ( well a few words) lol. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and hope to hear from you soon Sally. Take care.
Anne Marie

hi. my name is mat. nice meetig u on this way. please if u like contact me directly also on facebook ...Mat Bellini ....or on my phone number 00393490774162. Living in Verona with ...lookimg for americans freindship...i miss so much my LA. Please contact me also per email if y like ...[Moderated: send details in private pls]. Wait.for your replay. Bye Bye see ya Mat.

hii ..nice meeting new americans on this topic! pls let mw know for eventual cocktail or some drink for new friendship. I miss so much my home ..my LA ! Mat ..my phone number [Moderated: pls send details in private]

hi. i'm Mat . i definely be happy having a call to y for getting in the first touch... i miss USA an i miss my home mericans friends...and here in Verona i get quite no one "americans" speaking . Can i get in touch to you ? thanks by the way ..Mat.

Hello everyone, this is Andrea (or Andy to avoid any misunderstanding related to gender). I am Italian, from Verona but I have lived abroad for the past 14 years, including roughly 5 years in the Bay Area. I will be living in Verona in 2014 (not sure for how long). // I have been here for few days and i am struggling to adjust. I feel like an expat in my  home country. I'd be delighted to meet expats, particularly from the USA, living in Veron, the Veneto region and beyond. // Have a nice holiday season everyone. Looking forward to meeting new people. Cheers, Andrea

Looking to meet and hang out with some English speaking peoples:) Moved to Verona 7 months ago, and as much as I like it, really missing New York mentality I'm so use to... Off course, you don't have to be from NYC .. Just a foreigner, in Verona or near by looking to hang out and share some experiences, or just small talk over a cup of coffee.. for starters:)

Hello all!

I apologise if i'm intruding on this forum! I'm from the UK and travelling to Verona on Friday 11th of April and i'll be there for a few days. I am considering moving but i'd really like to get a feel for the city. Anyone interested in showing me around and hanging out a bit?



Hey guys i can perfectly understand the difficulties you are facing with the mentality here..actually i belong to this city but fortunately have travelled enough to find out how more open minded the people is out of here!! Contact me for any tip or just for a talk also :)

So Cal Native, In Verona area 20+ years.  I too would like to get together with other expats for cocktail or two.

Dear Italian expats,

My husband and I are in our first few weeks living in Verona and trying out towns in Northern Italy to settle. It's all been very wonderful and sometimes confusing and incredible and sometimes scary and we'd love to meet others who are going through or have gone through something similar.

Let me know if you are out there!


Dear Sally,

I just picked up your post from a year or so ago, so I don't know if you're still out there My husband and just moved to Verona from the US. We've rented a place in the centre for the summer while we look around for a permanent home. Verona seems likely, but we're also interested in other northern and central towns like Lucca or Bergamo.

If you are still in the area and would like to chat, let me know!


I have just discovered this forum

I read you have been in Verona for over 20 years and wonder if you can help me.

I am so desperate to find an English speaking lawyer and one that accepts legal aid. To cut a long story short, my Italian husband has just left me, and has taken everything and is refusing to give me any money to live

I am from San Bonifacio, verona.  I really need a friend right now , for any advice or help in writing letters

I'm sorry to disturb you and this must be an odd message from a complete stranger, but am desperately seeking help

Hope I can hear from you. Thank you for your time

Kindest regards

I am considering spending four to five months (December to April) in Verona in order to regain my Italian citizenship. I speak fluent Italian as long as it is in a social setting. I am considering Verona due to its accessibility to the rest of Italy, possibilities of activities and the proximity to ski areas. I wonder if anyone on this blog could provide any help such as : am I correct in choosing this city; is it expensive ; best area to live without having a car; are there things to do (sports or social events, etc.) ; are there gyms similar to US; how easy is to get to major ski areas; any other recommendation .
Mille grazie. Nico

Hello, we are moving to Verona on the 1st of July, however, right now plans are for just a year. Hope to hear from you and if you wouldn't mind would love to ask your advice on gym membership, English speaking, nope I am not fit, just like to have the ability to use treadmills etc.

Hi American! I am a Cnadian, have a friend from the Verona area living in Costa Rica, been to Italy many times in the past, intend on going there again in the future, will get an Italian passport eventually in the works, googled about staying in the EU area for how long a period of time, they mentioned 3 months, how did you get around it for 5 years? Heard you can get a "residenza selettiva dimora", do you know anything about it?

Thanks Dominic

We are hopefully here for a year, still have to,get our permission. I do like Verona however, right at this time would like it more if it was much much cooler, first time I have ever hoped for snow!!!

Hi Meg! Are you American? There are a few ways to stay longer than 3 months at a time in the EU countries, how did you accomplish it? Been to Italy many times in the past, will be there in the future, know you will have a really good time there, all the best.


I am moving from New York City to Verona this month and am currently apartment hunting.  Does anyone have any advice as to the best place to start? I am searching on Easystanza mainly.  In addition, would love to meet up with any Americans once there!

Lucky you. I spent the winter months there and loved it.
Here a site to find  apartments for non tourist leases :
Also, you may want to check out meetup site . I belonged to a group called "aperitivo italiano " . It was led by a young American couple (currently in the US but returning to Verona soon) and it is made up by anyone who want s to speak English or Italian. A great group.
Buona fortuna. Nico

Thank you so much Nico! I will look into this ASAP.  So funny, I belong to that Meetup group but never went! Do you happen to have the contact information of the couple who runs it? It would be great to connect to them as well. Have a great day!

Hello from John and Meg,

When do you arrive? We are here for a year. What size apartment are you looking for? Any particular area? Love Verona! Have yet to manage to make it to an Aperitivo Meeting but have great hopes.

Hi John and Meg!

I arrive on Sunday, September 20th taking the train in from Milan.  I have been searching for an apartment but it has been a bit overwhelming.  I am teaching English at Inlingua and am very much looking forward to the move!

I am looking for 1 room in an apartment with 1 or 2 other people.  I am not that familiar with the areas in Verona but something convenient to inlingua would be ideal.  They are at Stradone San Fermo, 21, 37121 Verona VR, Italy. Ideally, a lively neighborhood that is OK to walk as well. I am so happy to hear that you love it there!

Speak Soon,

Are you in Verona already? I would suggest contacting Fabiano thru Meetup . He is leading the group while Nick (leader) is visiting the US with his wife. If you are Verona, this week's meting in Vapolicella will be awesome if you are into wines.

Awesome! Thank you.  I get to Verona on Sunday, September 20th but I will reach out to Fabiano for sure.

Ah, this apartment is by San Tomaso, sending you the link on airbnd and you can contact Caterina directly. It is completely furnished including wifi, etc. do you speak Italian? OK that was probably a rather stupid question, she is fluent in English. Here is the website, airbnb.com/rooms/8080589.

I would email her directly.
There is a very lively bar and a great pizza place right there.
By the way we are much much older, retired in fact but still will be happy to assist!!!

Hi Meg, this is fantastic! San Tomaso is actually very, very close to work.  I tried going to the link you provided on Airbnb but it is no longer active. Do you happen to have Caterina's email handy? I can email her right away to inquire if the room  is available.  I cannot thank you enough for your kind advice and assistance! I hope to meet you both once I am settled in Verona.  Have a lovely evening!

Odd it's a new listing, but yes, here is her email. **
What is your email and I will send it to her, one way it should work!
Yes, would love t meet you. Meet some great friends frm Expat!

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Lovely! **. Speak soon and thank you again.

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Have a great day!! Definitely! Speak soon.

Did you try Erasmus.com
There is a room available for 300 euro per month, did not check further but it looks like a good site. Maybe you have already been there

Hi Meg, thank you again! I have been searching on that site for sure but appreciate you passing that along.  Caterina is lovely and I have enjoyed speaking with her.  It feels so great to be making some lovely connections before even having arrived! As of now (I let Caterina know about this) I am running around dealing with last minute visa logistics and will be able to breathe a sigh of relief once I am on the ground. Have a great day and speak soon!

Ah yes, as we are retired still needed to deal with the VISA! Such fun that is! Now have British passport so hopefully life will be easier.
Caterina is an absolute wonderful woman.
Hope to see you soon.
Saturday tour around Lake Garda with lunch on ferry!!
If we can help let us know.