Any expats in or near Ostuni. Puglia. ?

Hi everyone, my partner and I hope to buy a Trullo in the Ostuni area later in the year and would love to hear if there are any expats in the area. I am English but  Dad was Italian and my partner is from Australia. We have both been self employed for most of our lives and now want a peaceful and happy retirement but would also like to meet any English speaking people that have already made the move and have integrated.

Hello Denis,

My husband and I live in Martina Franca a total of 3 years on and off. It is beautiful here the people, food and sea. We are here until February if you come this way soon. We could recommend Many places and things to do


There are quite a few Brits in Ostuni, many of them part-time but you'll find plenty of English speakers around town.

Many thanks for that. I get by with some basic Italian but feel really awkward when it comes to things like dealing with the Comune, Doctors and ordering stuff and being retired we are a bit too old in the tooth to start sitting in a classroom learning the language.Obviously, we hope to try hard to fit in and learn as much as we can but it's always good to have someone to go to if you need advice and hearing your own Mother tongue at times is always a comfort. We are hoping to buy a Trullo so maybe if all goes well and you are about we could meet up. Thanks again for your reply.

Hi Denis, we have had a house on the Ostuni side of Martina Franca for the last ten years and love it here. Recently retired, we are finally able to spend more of our time here. Would be happy to help out with any questions you have about the area.

Hi Linda, have just spotted your post. We, too, are in Martina Franca. We've had the house here for about 10 years and are now spending about 6 months of the year here. Would be happy to meet up for a coffee one day if you're free. We have many Italian friends here but it's always good to get together with an expat.

We recently bought a holiday home between San Vito Dei Normanni and Carovigno. I am italian and my wife is english, we are planning to spend all our holidays there until our job will allow us to spend there more time. Does anyone know any group of expats or other families in similar situation?

My name is Louisa and I live just outside Carovigno on the road to Santa sabina.  Would love to meet up with other English speaking people.
Hope to hear from you.

Hi all

We own a property between carovigno and seranova and will shortly be living there full time from around October 2019. Both my husband and I would love to make some friends in this area. We are trying to learn the language but it is a slow process, what with all the verbs meaning the same thing but spelt different. We lack knowledge of the area and  would love to meet up for coffee.

Elaine and Rod

Hello Guys,
My wife and I would love to get in touch with the English community in Ostuni and nearby.

We would like to make some new friends and we welcome even family with kids since we have two little ones.


Hi Frank
We have just finished building our villa just outside serranova by the nature reserve and are in the process of moving here permanently
I will be back here at the end of August and my wife will join me when she retires in September
We will be happy to meet up upon our return

Best regards
Rod & Elaine Tipler

Hello Guys,
Thanks hips for your reply.

Looking forward to catch up with you !


Hello there,

It will be nice to catch up with you guys.

We are based in Ostuni.


Giuseppe&Lisa77 wrote:

We recently bought a holiday home between San Vito Dei Normanni and Carovigno. I am italian and my wife is english, we are planning to spend all our holidays there until our job will allow us to spend there more time. Does anyone know any group of expats or other families in similar situation?

Hello Guys,

It would be nice to catch up for a coffee next week. We live in Ostuni.

We are Australians and Italians


Hi there I would love to meet up when I move to Ostuni Oct 2019 too

I am coming to Ostuni Sept 27 th for a week to find a flat and would be grateful for meeting up and any help you can give
Andrew ***
A***on facebook

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Hi Denis
I am Irish, losing in Selva di Fasano.
Did you move to Ostuni?

Hi all,
We are on the Ostuni side of Cisternino/Martina Franca. We are a retired couple in our 50s from Ireland who moved here permanently in May. We too would be interested in meeting other English speakers and if we can help someone avoid the pitfalls we have made all the better  :D
Catherine and Chris

Ciao!  I am in the early stage of considering buying a modest property in the Ostuni/Ceglie/Cisternino area and would love to know if anyone has recommendations for estate agents to work with who speak English and are well informed for stranieri buyers.  My Italian language is rudimentary at this point and will definitely need assistance through the process.  Also, is it correct that many people work with a number of agents to find the property they want since there isn't a shared network like an "MLS" system?  Thanks so much in advance for any advice on my Italian dream!

We found our house with Gruppo D'Amico in Cisternino. Giampiero speaks English and guided us effortlessly through the process. We now live in a lovely home in the valle d'itria. Would highly recommend.  Feel free to reach out if I can help. Chris and I are Irish and we have been here since May.
All the best

We bought our property via The Property Organiser in London
They do everything for you even offering after sales service for help with IMU and TASI
Stefania Russo is the MD she has Italian lawyers and Architects who work for her
They  will accompany you on viewings as well
Without them we would not have achieved our Italian dream

Catherine, grazie!  I appreciate the tip. I will see if I can find them online. I'm thrilled for you that you made your Italian dream come true!  We love this area of Puglia so much and hope to have a little spot there a bit down the line.  When we know of our next trip over, I'll check in and see if you might want to meet up for un bicchiere di vino.   Thank you!

Elaine and Rod, thanks so much for the information.  It sounds like you picked a great firm to help assist you!  Being in California, US and not the UK, I doubt if they would be the best fit for us but they sure sound like they made your process smooth and that's what we're all after if possible.  Thank you again and congrats!

You are more than welcome. Let me know when you are coming over. We are always happy to fare un brindisi for your new adventure!

That's no problem your welcome
They do have clients all over the world including USA so I would think that if you give them a call or drop them an e mail they could still make it happen for you
Buon Natalie
Rod & Elaine

I am looking for English speakers around carovignio and ostini, anyone know if there are any meetups for expats. I am retired and just arrived. Rosie.

Hi Rosie we live in Serranova just outside Caravigno and are available to meet up any time
Just let us know when you are available and we can make arrangements
Both my wife Elaine and myself are retired and have been here since October
Just let us know
Rod and Elaine Tipler

That's wonderful, I usually go up to the coffee shop in the old town, i will look up the name tomorrow. I live on corso Umberto. I will be available whenever you are free, I would be happy to meet up. Cheers Rosie

Great Rosie we look forward to meeting you

The cafe is called o así del gusto and it's in the old square in caravigno. How about Saturday about 11am? I am close so, if that's not a good time, let me know.
It will be nice to meet some expats and did we end up in Italy!!
Cheers Rosie

Yes that will be fine
See you at 11

Rod & Elaine

It will be lovely to meet you both. Rosie

Hi Dennis,
We've just recently closed on our house just outside Ostuni. Was wondering if you found a place and moved?

Hi there -
My husband is English and I American. Just moved to Puglia last week and would love to meet other English speaking people 😊

Hi there -
My husband and I just bought in Ostuni and are starting the process of renovating our house. Always up for meeting for a coffee if you ever find yourself up near Ostuni 😊

Hey frank,
My husband and I just moved to the Ostuni area, the centers about 10 minutes drive for us. We don't have any kids but always up for a laugh and good time, kids included 😉

Hi Mullens,
My husband and I just moved here from the UK and plan to start our renovation next week. We are close to Ostuni but on the cisiternino road heading out of town. Like yourselves my hubs and I will be doing most of our reno ourselves. Would love to hear about your time here this far if you're up to it. Always up for meeting other couples and new ppl in general 😊

My name is Noushin I am in my 50s and am from UK, my husband is at present in the UK, we have a Trulli property in Martina Franca on the Cisterneno Road.  I cannot speak a word of Italian and am finding it hard with official work.
Was wondering if anyone here would like to meet for coffee and to give some advice.
Thanks Noushin

Hi Noushin,

We have just come back from Ostuni two days ago, but will be there again in less than two months, on the 24th of October, for a week.

Unlike you we have employed a builder to do the works on our place and so far it's been a nightmare!
If you'll still be in Ostuni in October it would be nice to go for a drink. I've been told that English speaking people meet at the Pink Lady, near the Villa (park) in Ostuni.

By the way, this is my partner's account, I'm Italian, so should you have any questions do ask. I must tell you that even for an Italian speaker dealing with anything official on Italy is a true nightmare. I managed only after 10 months to have my name on the electricity bill! Well, I hope I've managed, dunno yet!

Good luck with the reno.

Thank for the info, maybe if I am still here when you come back we can meet up.  Am not doing renovations (thank goodness) but having problems with paper work from when we purchased, so dealings with Comune.