Ep apply from Jan to Feb

Open this one to keep a track of my EP application and for others applied at same time to share the experience.

Background: previous EP holder for 4 years, relocated back to my own country and EP got cancelled last Dec. Now new employer is applying for my EP and I'm waiting for it to come back to Singapore

SAT can pass for EP, new employer is also a global financial institution,but new job salary is lower than previous one, not sure if this will affect.

Apply through agency : pending from Jan 31 2023

Now still pending, haven't heard from MOM yet

I would say - wait for two to three weeks. Good luck :-)

@rrp88 Thanks! At first I have no worries at all, but finding so many failed cases and unpredictable standards of mom, I must say I'm really in panic

@zhaoxinhk You should be in panic...but i wish you good luck all the same.

I have applied via company agency since mid Jan '23 and still pending today

Mid Jan to now is under 4 weeks, have patience please. Stipulated/ average time is 6-8 weeks

EP Applied: 28/12/2022

Approved:17/02/2023(51 days in total)

The waiting period is long and painful, but don't give up. My EP application has been waiting for nearly 8 weeks. During this period, I doubted whether it would be approved, but all the waiting was worth it.

@Ryan SAA before approved did they asked you additional documents or mom sent email for rview need more time ?

@Syedhassan0191 Any update on your visa? In my case, MOM said "they need more time" 1 week ago. But no change in status or update after that. Status is 'Pending' and remark is 'Your application is being processed'

Still pending

@Syedhassan0191 Don't be nervous and don't give up, just do your own work. I have also been showing pending for more than 7 weeks, they just too busy I think.

@Ryan SAA so you got approved ?

@Syedhassan0191 Ryan Mentioned he got approved in 51 days.. How about your case? as your case and mine is pretty similar.

Do reply

@sonuengg123 hi stil showing same  status  pending remark most of cases processing  time with in 3 weeek  some cases  longer time need

@Syedhassan0191 noted. May i know what is your company paid up capital and how much revenue your company generated in last 6 months? Lastly, what additional documents MOM asked from you

@sonuengg123 check  inbox

@sonuengg123 what about you and you said it's smiler for you showing pending same ?

@Syedhassan0191 you got very strong case i feel.. may i know which industry you are operating in?

@sonuengg123 what you mean strong  case but don't know lets see luck now if have faith I get else no problem

@Yuvraj33 hi just  2days back I got fin number and pending application  being to processed 

@Yuvraj33 did you got your ep aproval?