We have been wanting to leave the US and come to Canada


We (myself, wife, and 2 kids) have been wanting to leave the US and come to Canada for a long while. And recent events have sped that up so now we are starting to take the required steps.

We are used to living a rural life high in the mountains of Colorado but are willing to trade in the mountains for the coastal life in New Brunswick.

I have a good remote tech-job in the US so I would continue that. We hope to find my wife work so that we can qualify for PR under AIPP.

Until that job is found, we are hoping to come to Canada as visitors. Using our US Passports. And then find a home to purchase and then a job for the PR.

There is a lot to learn in preparation for this move. And I am reading the fantastic Guide documents on this site already.

@dragelet I'm looking to buy land, too. So, as advise and to be aware, read up on the new limitations to foreigners buying land for 2023-2024 (2 year time ban). If you have a temporary resident permit or permanent permit you have no worries. But if you want to get a jump start, like I'm open to do while I wait on the red tape, without a resident status USA Citizens are also part of this buying real estate ban. However, the ban only applies to certain regions and zones. I've a feeling rural is still ok to buy in, which is my interest, too. Hope it goes well for you and your family! 👍


I'm glad you brought that up. I had read about it but I thought it was only restricted for people looking at investment properties (rather than homes or 2nd homes). But I was wrong.

https://www.ctvnews.ca/business/who-s-e … -1.6214997

If I'm understanding it fully, it does seem to be directed towards metropolitan areas, which neither you nor I are looking at.

Hello everyone,

Welcome on board, dragelet ^^

Please note that I have created a new thread from your post and response you had on the Canada forum so that you may better interact with members and hopefully get some advice.

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I was born in Canada and I'm here to dispel the myths surrounding life here. At this point, people need a reality check. Feel free to ask me questions.

@RRE What part needs the reality check? Is there something specifically mentioned above that you are saying is incorrect?



I just want to warn you about the ban on foreigners to buy property in Canada.

Will Canada's ban on foreign homebuyers make houses more affordable? Some experts have doubts

https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/canada … -1.6692706

https://globalnews.ca/news/9367579/cana … explainer/

@dragelet Yes i can help you on that.

@dragelet Sorry, just saw your response now. I had missed it prior. Correct, there are regions where you can and cannot purchase property. There is also a price limit in some regions, which I recently found out about. I don't remember the cut off amount, but if you can afford to buy a $1.5 million home, you can't until the ban is lifted. Most that won't effect, but there are some that can afford it and if being relocated via an executive level position, for example, that is truly off-putting. It would make sense an executive can 1. afford the home, and 2. most likely would want to purchase a home near HQ, which most likely is going to be in the zones where the ban is. I don't think all the scenarios were well thought out in their strategy document for this ban. I get why they are doing the ban, but I think it might have been too blanketed. But then again, maybe they did this to force the sellers to bring their prices back down? That is a sure way to get them to sell and bring the market back down to reality. If that works then I guess that is the strategy.

However, on a good note. Yes, if purchasing in rural and you are keeping to a lower budget then you are still able to proceed. You can purchase the land or home now, go there 6 months out of the year (look up cabin laws for USA owners), and once one of you can either secure a full time perm. job in Canada or transfer your current one (if they have a Canadian branch that pays CA $$) then you are good to go.