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Added on 20/09/2023
$75-$80 usd/hour
Added on 11/09/2023
$1,000 Up to $2,000
Everything you need to know to work in the USA
Setting up a business in the USA
Many people dream of being their own boss and building their own little empire from scratch. The United States is home to the “American Dream”, the wonderful concept that if you have a good idea and you work hard enough, you will be successful.  
Finding a job in New York
New York's sheer size and the scope of the city's economy mean that the opportunities available here are practically endless. If you play your cards right, you can build a fantastic career — but it will definitely take work, and it probably won't be easy. In the words of the great Frank Sinatra, “If I can make it there, I can make it anywhere”. So, get ready to give your job search everything you've got.
Working in Los Angeles
California has long been known as the hub for innovation and creativity in the US. And the state's major cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco are popular destinations for new graduates and experienced professionals in search of new opportunities in a variety of fields.
Working in San Francisco
For many years, San Francisco's unique location has consistently pushed the city towards self-realization, sufficiency, dominance, and financial independence. Located halfway between San Diego and Seattle, Tokyo, and London the other way round, San Francisco has maintained its dominance through an ever-rising economic activity and global market.
Working in Miami
Miami is well-known for its stunning coastline, and the city also has some of the most sought-after real estate in the South, as well as a busy port and active tourism industry. After a post-COVID-19 dip, the number of tourists is growing each year, solidifying Miami's position as a global city.
The U.S. labor market
Although the economy has mostly recovered and unemployment has steadily been decreasing since the 2008 recession, the American labor market remains a very competitive place. Highly-skilled expats will find it easier to find employment, although there might be some challenges to face when looking for a job.  
Added on 07/09/2023
Added on 06/09/2023
Commmission based
Washington D.C.
Added on 05/09/2023
Appointment Setters
Froese Corp Group
Permanent contract
Added on 04/09/2023
$1,000 Up to $2,000
Builder, carpenter, mason etc
estancia Ranquilco
Added on 04/09/2023
Added on 23/08/2023
$19.50 per hour
New York
Added on 18/08/2023
Added on 08/08/2023
15 usd /hora
Added on 31/07/2023
American Education and Childcare Specialists
Big Brain Education LLC
Fixed-term contract
Los Angeles County
Added on 17/07/2023
Added on 21/06/2023
Added on 13/06/2023
New York
Added on 05/04/2023
Added on 16/02/2023
$600 dollars
San Francisco
Added on 15/01/2023
Job candidates in the USA
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Added on 21/09/2023
Added on 17/09/2023
Open to discuss all options
Added on 15/09/2023
Building Painter
Permanent contract
Added on 11/09/2023
5500 dollars
Added on 08/09/2023
Open to negotiation
Added on 06/09/2023
Added on 03/09/2023
Added on 01/09/2023
A definir
Added on 28/08/2023
Added on 28/08/2023
Added on 28/08/2023
Added on 27/08/2023
Plumber heating
Permanent contract
New York City
Added on 23/08/2023
New York
Added on 21/08/2023
1000 dollars
Added on 17/08/2023
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