Understanding Professional Regulations in the USA

Hello everyone,

Working in the USA sometimes means navigating through the various professional regulations and can pose a real challenge for expats. It is essential to grasp the current standards to avoid unpleasant surprises and make the most of your experience in the USA.

Let's explore the local specifics together:

Is it possible to work in all business sectors in the USA? Are there sectors reserved for locals or regulated activities?

What administrative steps need to be taken to practice in regulated professions in the USA? (required documents, language tests, certifications, accreditations, diploma equivalences, etc.)

How to stay informed about legal developments and new professional regulations in the USA?

Which organizations or agencies can provide support to expats regarding their professional activities abroad?

By sharing your experiences, you contribute to easing the professional integration of future expats, helping them understand the specific regulations related to professions in the USA.

Thanks to everyone for your contributions.

Expat.com Team