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I am from Guyana. And I am wondering how easy is it to find a job in the USA

What kind of job?  What kind of expertise do you have for a particular job?  Is your expertise unique, I.e. not easily found in resumes of thousands of Americans?

For instance, if you're a mechanic or a bookkeeper, then it's not easy to find a job in the US.  If you are a neonatal intensive care nurse or a specialty chef with accolades, then you wouldn't have any problem finding employment.

I am completing my ACCA qualification with 3 years and counting experience in the accounting field

There are very experienced CPAs everywhere in the US.  Being a foreigner (assuming you're allowed to work legally), you will have problems competing against them.  Simple said, ACCA is not well-regarded in the US.  In fact, it's not even among the 7 reciprocal accounting bodies in which the US participate.

Most CPA jobs here in the US are very competitive and usually require a Bachelor's Degree.  In major companies, tax firms, or law firms, you'll need a Masters Degree.  Good luck!  Many companies may also require an internship period of up to one year.

Nikita, that depends on what you are looking for, your experience in that field, and if you have a degree in it.  Regardless, be patient, and be willing to start at the bottom and work your way up.  I can provide you with more info if you give me more details of your plans and your background.

Rosie&John wrote:

Nikita, that depends on what you are looking for, your experience in that field, and if you have a degree in it.  Regardless, be patient, and be willing to start at the bottom and work your way up.  I can provide you with more info if you give me more details of your plans and your background.

I want to take this occasion to have futher information about my plans. Indeed, I'm a petroleum engineering student. I'll be graduated next year and I'm planning to move to Texas from Tunisia. I'd like to know how  difficult will be  to find job in that field without experience.

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Before any of you start thinking about finding a job in the US, would it be more logical to find out how you could achieve a working visa to come to the US in the first place? 

If you're coming to the US with a tourist visa, you cannot apply for employment no matter how much experience you have or how low on the totem pole you're willing to start.  If I were a foreigner whose dream is to work in the US, I would start making a name for myself in my own country first, then after I achieve that goal, I would find an employer who is willing to send me to the US for a working stint so I can build up connections from that point on. 

Think about it for a minute here:  If you're an employer who needs people to fill up a few positions, do you look in your backyard where there are always plenty of qualified applicants, or do you hire someone from another country whose education and experience you're not familiar with, especially since you would have to go out of your way to provide him/her with the means for a working visa?

@Nikita:  The poster who advised you to be patient, start at the bottom, and work your way up is talking rubbish.  Working your way up from what bottom position, the mailroom?  Do you think immigration in ANY country would be willing to hand you a working visa for the kind of job that thousands of its own citizens can easily fill?

@Simon:  Not to be rude, but the chance for a yet-to-graduate petroleum student from Tunisia with zero experience to find a job in an oil company in TX is slim to none, not even in the mailroom.  Every year, the University of Texas *alone* produces hundreds of graduates from their Petroleum and Geosytem Engineering Department, most of them have had their internships done and their career paths mapped out while still in school.  Unless you have friends in high places, I don't think it's gonna happen.

I have almost completed my degree in accounting and I have over 3 years experience in the accounting field. I also have 2 years experience in the medical field (something I did after school)

I want to share my experience as a truck driver in the USA.

The story began when I got tired of working as a taxi driver in Croatia and getting a penny. I accidentally saw an advertisement for a company that helps in the employment of drivers from Europe in the USA. Decided to try.

In the beginning, I was very unsure of myself, because I thought that driving a truck is not for you to turn the wheel in a taxi. I was also afraid that the company would demand money for employment (at that moment I was not in the best financial position).

There were several stages of the interview, and they assured me that I would receive all the skills during the internship, and they did not need to pay money. OK, I think there must be a catch.

As a result, I passed the interview, bought tickets and flew to America. They do not issue a work visa, the driver works as a subcontractor, so I immediately created a company for myself (they give instructions), got medical insurance and passed the driver's license exam (very easy to do in America). In fact, this is all I paid for, only expenses for myself.

Then I had a 2-week internship (now it seems to have been reduced to 7 days). I got a good coach, and already on the 5th day I understood how everything should be done.

Then he began to work. The work is very hard physically, but the salaries cannot be compared with European ones. For example, in the USA I get 8-9k per month, in Croatia a maximum of 2-3k. Living expenses are only food in a cafe $~1300 per month. You sleep on a mattress (very comfortable) in the car, shower on your feet (also clean, new), food in a cafe.

I want to note the support of the company itself - always in touch, support, explain everything. And the dispatch team is great too!

The company I traveled with - LogLink, may be useful to someone

@nbystrov0 and also everyweek payments – this is really convenient!


Hello thank you for this information. you with the contact details of this company because I came to France and I want to work in the United States but I found no transport company for sponsorship
@Jeremy97450 hi! Sure.******

You need to leave your contact on the website and when will call you :)

Good luck with LogLink!
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@Jeremy97450 and also you can Chat them in WhatsApp *****

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Try signing up on this platform and see if they can help you get the job you are looking for, but this is only for USA jobs.

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this is only for USA jobs

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@Ciambella what about house helps.

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is it easy to find a job in hospitality or security in the usa?

please answer me if you have details especially the new york region. thank you.