Can I get A media/Broadcasting job with visa sponsorship in the US?

My name is Chinedu Madu,a Broadcast Journalist of over 15 years experience.I have a bachelor's degree in linguistics.

I want to live and work in the United States How do I know organizations that offer visa sponsorship media jobs?

Is there any hope for me?


Hello and welcome !

Till members guide you, I suggest that you read the articles under the Work in the USAsection of the Guide and that you create your CV in the Jobs in the USA section for better exposure.

All the best


Thanks so much @Bhavna

extremley hard to get any sort of work in the US. almost impossible. you have to be extremley specialized and in demand. getting work, and citizenship, is almost impossible. not easy whatsoever

I met with the same problem before moving here, it may look almost impossible, but trust me there is always a chance. Use online job boards like LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, and Monster to search for media-related positions in the United States. Use filters to narrow down your search to companies that sponsor visas or explicitly mention visa sponsorship in their job listings. This is how I got my job offer.