Job with visa,flight ticket and accomodation in USA

Hey guys I'm  looking for a job with amenities stated above in US North or South Carolina Im a South African 34 years young man !

those kinds of perks come with high-skill jobs. What experience and skills can you offer to a potential employer to make it worth their while to go through the expense and hassle of the visa paperwork?

Ive done BSc Information Systems , Certificate in IT, Certificate in Project Management Ive been teaching Computers at High School for 4years and I worked as GIS officer for a year . So Im not highly skilled ! and 2 years in Tutoring Geography and doing Field work and questionaire evaluation for research projects

you do realize that you're competing against people who aren't expecting their job to offer them housing, a visa, or a flight ticket as compensation. Even for Americans, jobs aren't being handed out so you're at even more of a disadvantage. I suggest you start doing your own research- look on careerbuilder,, and do some internet searches for potential employers you could apply to directly.

Thank you guys your contributions are highly appreciated