Sales/Marketing Manager

Posted 5 months ago
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•  Conduct market research to identify new business opportunities.

•  Analyze industry trends and competitor activities to stay ahead in the market.

•  Identify potential clients or partners and assess their needs.

•  Develop and maintain strong relationships with clients, customers, and partners.

•  Network with key industry players and attend relevant events to expand the company's reach.

•  Collaborate with other departments to align business development strategies

with overall company goals.

•  Develop and implement strategic plans to achieve soles targets and expand the

customer base.

•  Actively pursue and close deals to generate revenue for the organization.

•  Directly handling the manufactures and visiting to them for products training

•  Contribute in process of formulating, negotiating & finalizing contracts for premium customers.

•  Establishing the company as a brand nome in the market

Language(s) spoken

Arabic (Fluent)

English (Fluent)

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Permanent contract
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Full time
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USD 3000