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Everything you need to know to work abroad
Working in a declining field: Is moving abroad the ...
Artificial Intelligence (AI), particularly generative AI, continuously makes headlines. According to its developers, millions of jobs will disappear in the coming decades. But there are other professions unrelated to AI that are also disappearing. How can one consider moving abroad when working in a profession that is at risk?
How to choose a digital nomad destination
Digital nomads are reshaping work norms and altering work and personal life dynamics. Many countries now offer special visas to acknowledge their significant economic impact. However, several questions arise: How do you choose the ideal "digital nomad" country? What criteria should you consider to make the right decision?
Can I find a job abroad if I'm over 50?
On one side, labor shortages are driving many countries to seek foreign workers. On the other side, increased life expectancy and extended working lives are causing many older people to remain in the workforce. So, what opportunities exist, and under what conditions can senior expatriates secure or retain employment?
How to face job interviews as an introverted expat
Introverted expats face a double challenge in interviews. First, their reserved nature might make them uncomfortable with interviews in general. Second, the language barrier and cultural differences in a new country add an extra challenge when it comes to facing an interview. Strategic preparation before the interview can still make them have a successful interview. Here are some tips.
Can I work abroad without a work visa?
Having a work visa is often the key to working in another country. However, the ease of obtaining a work visa varies by country. For many expatriates, securing a work visa is crucial for joining the labor market. Nevertheless, there are circumstances where you can work without a work visa. Let's find out how.
How can expats resume their careers after a long break?
Are you keen on getting back to work after a long career break? Things might not be as easy as they seem to be, especially for expat women. Where do you begin? Here are some tips to help you get back on track.
Latest job offers abroad
United Arab Emirates, Dubai
Added on 29/02/2024
Nanny / Maid
Permanent contract
Vietnam, Da Nang
Added on 18/02/2024
Fixed-term contract
Qatar, Doha
Added on 15/02/2024
USD 400
Mauritius, Moka
Added on 14/02/2024
Indonesia, Jakarta
Added on 11/02/2024
IDR 5200000
England, London
Added on 08/02/2024
GBP 1500
Nanny / baby care
Helena Meiring
Fixed-term contract
Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City
Added on 02/02/2024
VND 15000000
France, Paris
Added on 01/02/2024
Mauritius, Grand Baie
Added on 21/01/2024
EUR 600
Bahrain, Manama
Added on 12/01/2024
BHD 130
Mauritius, Curepipe
Added on 08/01/2024
Mauritius, Blue bay
Added on 06/01/2024
Vietnam, Da Nang
Added on 29/12/2023
France, Tours
Added on 09/12/2023
USD 15
China, Qingpu
Added on 05/12/2023
USD 1200
Nanny / Domestic helper
Danvast Career Search
Fixed-term contract
Philippines, Manila
Added on 04/12/2023
USD 500
NZETA Travel
Permanent contract
New Zealand, Auckland
Added on 22/11/2023
USD 2800
Philippines, Makati City
Added on 09/11/2023
England, London
Added on 13/09/2023
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