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The lives of many Mexicans, young and old, revolve around the family. Children are welcome in most social situations, from big neighbourhood parties to intimate gatherings. If you move to Mexico with your children, you’ll have no problem finding activities for them. And while the Mexican education system does have its share of problems, by enrolling your children in school you’ll be providing them with a wonderful opportunity not only to learn Spanish but to make new friends.

Family activities in Mexico

There’s no shortage of family activities in Mexico. Besides those in childcare or public school, you can also look for local entertainment oriented toward the family. In city centres and especially on weekends, for instance, you can see impromptu clown shows, concerts, and other performances. Be sure to put in a small tip when the hat gets passed around at the end.

The circus is alive and well in Mexico, with travelling troupes setting up in empty fields or mall parking lots. Town fairs, although typically late-night affairs with lots of drinking and live music, also have plenty to offer children in the daylight hours, including games of skill, small mechanical rides like roller coasters, and plenty of snacks and desserts.

Another fun family activity is a day at the park. Many Mexican parks have playgrounds, nature exhibits, and even zoos. You can bring a picnic lunch and stay all day. And of course, all children love a day at the beach. Find more information about travelling in Mexico.

Childcare in Mexico

Although childcare centres run by the government do exist in Mexico, private childcare is much more common and easier to find. Look for escuelas preescoleres (preschools) and jardín de niños or kinder (kindergartens). If you choose to live in a fraccionamiento (gated community), there might be a childcare centre on site.

In most cases, preschools and kindergartens do not have any requirements, although it is possible that they will ask for the child’s original birth certificate for a confirmation of age. Fees will vary according to the size of the school, the technology they use, and the neighbourhood where it’s located. Expect all school activities to be in Spanish, although many include English instruction as well.

Schooling in Mexico

For children to attend public or private grade school in Mexico (primary, secondary, and high school), it is necessary that they have legal residents status. They will need the CURP identification number to enroll in the school. Please see this article for more information about studying in Mexico.

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Obtaining a CURP

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