Full Time RV'rs in Mexico

My wife and I are planning to relocate from Texas to the Quintana Roo area of Mexico. We had planned on buying a Class A Diesel Pusher to live in and travel in Mexico, Central America and the USA. I was hoping to connect with expats or visitors living full time in an RV who visit or are living in Mexico for the purpose of learning the pros and cons of full time RVing in Mexico. Thank you

I don't know anyone like that, but I would suggest you read through the old posts on file.

There is a lot of information there, and some of the people are snowbirds or boaters who might have what you are looking for.

RV's can get a 10 year TIP but you will a resident Visa to stay over 180 days

Thank you for the tip on posts, will do.

Thank you Sparkmex, Can you tell me what a TIP is? I normally leave one after ordering a cerveza or twenty.

When my husband and I retired in the early 1990s, we decided we'd like a change of scenery. We lived in Seattle, and John didn't really want to leave the comforts of home. We bought a 27' motor home to solve that problem, and it worked like a charm. We spent five years traveling, went all around the US and Canada, and ended up in Florida for a while. There we learned to SCUBA dive, met someone who lived in a trailer park with a dive shop in Quintana Roo. We went there, lived on the beach in a trailer with a palapa and dove every day. It was a wonderful life, but we eventually moved from Paamul (look it up) down the coast to Puerto Aventuras. The trailer park is still there but has gotten bigger and probably more expensive. We sold the motor home.

In 2007, John and I, no longer diving, decided to move to a town with a better climate—so we settled in Coatepec, Veracruz. Coatepec has a nice climate, is a coffee growing region, and is close enough to Xalapa so we could enjoy the Museum and symphony orchestra and universities without living in too big a city. We bought a house.

I am now a Mexican citizen, so when John died in 2012 I was able to sell the house and buy a smaller one without a problem. There are just the right number of expats here; when Coatepec gets tourists, they are mostly Mexican. There are English-speaking schools, and an English language book exchange. I don't plan on going anywhere else.

Sorry, probably too much information!

No Mam, not too much information, thank you for responding. I think the Park in Puerto Aventuras is now connected to a hotel and bar, maybe it has been that way since the beginning? As for Paamul, Lisa and I have been up and down the Mayan Riveria and that is a new name for me, I will definitely check it out, thank you again, Vaya Con Dios.

Puerto Aventuras is a gated community 12 miles south of Playa del Carmen, full of condos and private homes. Fully developed, with a school (English and Spanish) and lots of hotels and restaurants. Paamul is still a trailer park two miles north of Puerto A, with a dive shop and bar, but now has a hotel and much more elaborate trailer spaces. The bar  has become an excellent restaurant.

A TIP is a temporary vehicle import permit

Thank you. Had me worried about my cerveza consumption! :)

Hi, my wife and I have travelled Mexico by RV for 10 years (2003-2013). We enjoyed every day of it. But to be able to visit like a friend of mine said "never be bigger than a COCA-COLA delivery truck.

A good internet site http://www.rollinghomes.com/ could be a good starting point. Another friend of mine went to Guatemala and said be even smaller  (camper), so we went by plane. Belize is easy to travel.

A place we know with fulltime RVers is Lo de Marcos, Nayarit at Ron's RV park.

Adios y buena suerte para su proyecto, GyC.

Thank you, great info