Auto Batteries - Used or cheap new batteries.

1) Are there any auto junk yards in or near Cancun that I can buy used auto batteries?

2) Or perhaps a battery store, like in my city there is a Battery World where they sell a variety of new batteries, from large to medium to small to very tiny hearing aid batteries.

I will be flying directly into Cancun Mexico this coming February 2019 and I am bringing a bicycle with me in a suitcase. I currently ride a custom made ebike with lithium ion batteries, 36V is sufficient for my needs where I live, but the city is huge and I do get around very easily. The distances are easily calculated using Google Maps distance feature. There are specialized batteries from that can be carried onto the airplane but gosh they are expensive! My bike at home is made up of used tool pack batteries, soldered the way I require and protected then duct taped, so airplane carry-on, most definitely not likely. I can make a pack look professional looking. But I dont want the hassle, I dont mind the scrutiny in Canada, but in the Mexican airport, who knows.

I was thinking I could buy in Mexico big and heavy 12V lead acid automotive batteries and probably get away with 24V, so two in series. I then thought about how motorcycles and quads use smaller batteries.

I was thinking if I could get what I need for $100(CDN) then that would be great.


Mexico has your basic auto supply stores, there are two in my town. They sell the usual car supplies, so I would imagine they could help you.

I got a new battery for my previous car and they brought it to my house and installed it where my car was parked. Very convenient. Mexico is big on cars and trucks as well as motor scooters and small motorcycles or "motos". Cancun is larger than my town so I sure they have an auto parts store or two.

Thanks for your reply, I have been able to search the web using Google Translate and found some stores that sell new batteries for motorcycles and auto's, they even list prices!  :top:

I then went to Google Maps and tried to visually find auto junk yards with a lot full of junk vehicles, and nothing came up. I believe I will be able to buy a few new motorcycle batteries to suit my needs as the site I found has very reasonable prices.

Thanks Again

Moreover, to ramble on a bit. The motorcycle batteries will work out to $12cdn/Ah for 24V system and $18cdn/Ah for a 36V system, knowing full well the de-rating lead acid batteries bring to the table. The distances I believe I would need using Google Maps is 17km to get into the city from the airport, for a city that is 8km wide by 10km in length. I have been reading the airlines policies on battery transport and believe I can come up with a great solution. Remember the the population is aging, getting older and older and they require mobility devices and those mobility devices require, yes, batteries.