Motor Scooter question

I my name is Kirk I am a US citizen living in Merida Mexico I have a United States drivers license.  I want to  buy a Moped.  As I understand it I have to have the scooter there to take the test.  I am perplexed if I drive the scooter there wont I be breaking the law. (driving without a license or insurance.


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Welcome, Kirk to the ex-pat Mexico forum.

That's a tricky question you have there. Motos are a thing unto themselves.  Your thinking in U.S.terms.
Here in Mexico many just buy a moto and that's it The cars are fairly well regulated. Motos are transportation not unlike a bicycle. It's illegal to ride your moto with your whole family on board but I see that all the time and I have yet to see the cops pull them over, they ride ignoring most of the laws applied to cars while going through red lights passing cars on both sides and other dangerous moves. Some have licenses I imagine, but not all. They have license plates and pay taxes.  Merida doesn't have a lot of motos.
Do people get killed riding their motos? Yes but that doesn't change anything. To find out what happens  I would say check with a  Mexicano.

Thanks for your reply. I have gone onto the internet and it says I have to license it and have a permit to drive drive it. But know one seems to be able to answer my question about driving the scooter to the testing center

That sounds like the safest plan. After all you are not a native so you would be looked at differently. Are you close enough to walk it there. I'm surprised that the person who sold it to you didn't fill you in on the requirements . I got told everything I needed to do when I got the car.

Sorry all my information was observational and local chat, rather that direct experience , but I didn't ever desire to ride a motorcycle even when  I was asked to test drive a racing bike. ;)

Just a heads up I've been driving my 150 cc, with no plate and licence free for over a year in Progreso with no issue.. Thou I have ben told to not drive it on the main hwy to Merida or in Merida without plates

@EMS1970 - That's not a good idea... It's best to be as legal as possible.  If you get in an accident, you will be in a WORLD of hurt.

You may want to check if Motos under a certain CC engine require a permit and tag. In many cases 150 cc or less do not require them. I think fro driving in the city 150 cc should be plenty of power.

@EMS1970 But you have insurance, correct?

@EMS1970 You have insurance though, correct? I was told that is the most important


If it is  currently registered in the US you can just drive it over. However to register it in Mexico you will need to import it first and the you'll have a certain amount of time to get it registered.