Sports and fitness in Mexico City

sports in Mexico City
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No matter what your favourite sport is, chances are that you will find a place where you can watch or play it in Mexico City. The weather is warm in this part of the country and making the most of this is a real treat when done in relation to the sports culture that permeates a fair amount of the lives of the people that live in the capital.

Football in Mexico City

Like in all Latin American countries, football, or soccer is a very big deal and, if you like to attend live games, you will find plenty of opportunities. Mexico City has three of their very own professional teams. The first stadium, of the Pumas, was built the campus of the National Autonomous University(UNAM) on the southern side of the city where it is surrounded by all types of wild vegetation that makes it a wonderful outing destination for families and groups of friends. The second stadium belongs to Cruz Azul near Metro San Antonio and Insurgentes Avenue. And the third and biggest one is Estadio Azteca home of the America team.

Sports clubs in Mexico City

As you might expect from a city of this size, there are a lot of private athletic clubs as well as various public parks with sporting areas that include facilities for soccer, baseball, volleyball, basketball and tennis. Young people love to play pick up games with friends and really relish warm sunny days.

A sports club that the whole family can enjoy is Club Monte Sur, which is nestled in the southernmost and most naturally splendid delegation of Xochimilco. This place really has it all and extends across 25 hectares that include various beautiful gardens, a castle play area for kids, numerous soccer fields, 15 tennis courts, 5 squash courts and 2 roofed and heated pools. It also boasts fine dining and is seen as a great way

Another large complex that offers full service and is located on the Southside is Club Aleman. It's a great place to be on sunny days as it boasts 27 tennis courts, a diving pool and an outdoor Olympic size swimming pool. Here you can also enjoy a varied menu of spa options as well as a restaurant and snack bars. Parents are also sure to appreciate a Creche, or day centre, for the kids.

Most of the huge clubs are located outside the city and are worth looking into when you want to get away from the urban jungle.

For more of a community centre vibe, the Lebanese community hosts a wide array of amenities and activities, a number of which deal with Lebanese culture, across the city in three different centres. They are quite nice and are spread out throughout the city.

Golf in Mexico City

If you are looking for a fine place to golf, you should pay Club of Mexico City a visit, off the second main southern thoroughfare Tlalpan. It has a fairly long and established history and is large as it features a number of waterways to play along.

Gyms and fitness centres in Mexico City

There has been a huge growth with respect to the number of gyms now in the city, both in the form of international chains and smaller neighbourhood installations. It has become a big part of people's lives now that awareness of health issues is much more common. Many large companies feature gym facilities that are only available for employees and their families. Aerobics and cycling classes are also quite prevalent across all age groups as well as outdoor jogging.

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