Coast of Oaxaca Itinerary

Updated 2010-04-05 12:10

It’s a long weekend in Mexico and my best friend left so in order to cheer myself up a bit (an excuse at least) I ventured to the coast of Oaxaca namely Puerto Escondido, Mazunte and San Augustinillo. Mazunte and San Augustinillo are two half virgin, beautiful beaches between

Huatulco and Puerto Escondido (you can fly to either one of them but Huatulco has an international airport). This place is a true paradise. So much so that you can forget about a cell phone network and lose your blackberry. The only connection with reality can be found in the internet cafés unless your cabana has a Wi-Fi access.

I will try to keep this short and sweet so here is my proposed itinerary and if you would like to explore other options and see a complete list of hotels and restaurants please go to For the below itineraries please keep in mind that the driving distance between Huatulco and Puerto Escondido is around 2.5 hours. From Oaxaca City to either Huatulco or Puerto is a six hour drive, you just take a different highway.

Depending on your timing and budget you can choose a combination of the options below:

Puerto Escondido: arrival and accommodation

Arrive to Puerto Escondido airport and spend there one night and hang out during the day. Everything is close to the airport, about 1.5 km so don't worry about the taxi expense. Stay at one of the places on Zacatela Beach. I recommend either Hotel Ines (954-582-0792) or Arco Iris ([email protected], 954-582-0432), both on Calle del Morro. The rooms are around 600 pesos. If you are on a budget there are plenty of surfer hotels on each corner of that street and you don't really need a reservation, just get there and ask for a room.

Day 1

PM after arrival: Have dinner at the Italian restaurant El Jardin.

Day 2

AM: Have breakfast at Cafecito overlooking the ocean. It is your first day and you need to relax, so go to the beach. I do recommend a morning jogging or a walk as the beach is very long and you can see quite a few people exercising. If you are only planning to stay on or two days, ask for surfing classes right away, this could be a good fun exercise for the afternoon boredom.

PM: After surfing, have lunch at the restaurant Sabor a Mar at Las Brisas end of Zicatela beach. If you don't feel like having seafood, you can also choose between other beachfront restaurants: Greek, Mexican, and fusion cuisine. I still recommend Sabor a Mar but more importantly'¦.Relax!!!!

Evening: Have dinner at Los Tugas in Villas Carrizalillo at Avenida Carrizalilo #125, and if you are in a party mood and want a good Margarita, you may end up at El Nene on the Rinconada or Restaurante Escondido at the Hotel Ben Zaa or Mosquito.

Day 3
It's time to move on so rent a car.
Car Rental options

Economica Rent-a-Car, on Bajada de Brisas between carretera Costera and Calle del Moro, rents economic cars, mostly the VW beatles for around 350 pesos. If they quote higher'¦.negotiate. 350 is the highest you should accept and if you are lucky you may even go down to 300 pesos. One piece of caution is that you never know if el Senior will be there to fulfill your reservation so it can be bit of lottery luck. Tel: 954-107-8646

'¢ Right on the corner of Calle del Moro and Bajada de Brisas there is another car rental with the regular line of sedans where the most economic one is 800 pesos.

'¢ Hertz, we all know Hertz.

Hotels in Mazunte/San Augustinillo: My recommendations are the following:
In Mazunte: Altamira([email protected], 958-584-3104) for the medium budget (500 ' 600 pesos) and Posada del Arquitecto ([email protected]) for the lower budget (400 pesos).

In San Augustinillo: Rancho Cerro Largo ([email protected], 958-584-3063) for 700 pesos or Posada Punta Placer ([email protected]) for 1,000 pesos.
There is an upscale hotel calledCasa Pan de Miel([email protected], 958-100-4719) in Mazunte, which costs around USD120 per night but I hear that although nice it tends to be pretty snobby it's up to you to decide what you like.

Once you are in your hotel, drop the bags and relax on the beach. You can have lunch in one of the palapa restaurants on the beach but do not expect anything exciting. It is to relax and munch something before dinner.

PM: At 5:30pm, go towards Punta Cometa, the entrance is right next to Altamira. It's like a mini hiking trip to the most beautiful view and sunset in the area. The sunset is between 6:30pm and 7:00pm and it's a 5 to 10 minute walk but I recommend to leave early and first go pass Punta Cometa to the virgin beach, which you will see to the left. Go for your last dip in the ocean before sunset and then you can either stay there or go back to Punta Cometa (the highest hill into the ocean) and indulge your senses into the natural beauty of the Oaxacan coastline. After the sunset go and take shower. You need and deserve it.

Dinner. Although you are at the coast of the world famous culinary state, forget about the local Mexican food here. This is a European invasion here and you can have decent French, good pizza, and even a decent steak. In Mazunte, have dinner at El Armadillo. This is a little restaurant run by a French woman, who married a Mexican artist and moved to the good life. The restaurant has a romantic and pleasant athmosphere and it is also a mini art gallery will the husband's sculptures all around.

Day 4
AM: Go for a morning dip in the Ocean and have breakfast at your hotel.
Go to visit El Museo de la Tortuga right on the main street of Mazunte close to Posada del Arquitecto. After that you can go hang out at the beach in San Augustinillo, which is right next to Mazunte (a taxi will cost you 15 pesos). >And this is the time to have a massage with Rosa, right in Posada del Arquitecto. Warning! You may cry and just when you are about to cry, Rosa will tell you....just breath into it honey...and then you go to heaven.

PM: In the afternoon, go to playa Zipolite to El Alquimista to have a nice lunch on the beach. All the surfers come there in the afternoon so you will have good show to accompany your lunch. Take siesta'¦

Day 5
If you still have some time for your trip you can either relax a few more days in the area (it's never enough) or you can head towards Huatulco and for the tips and click here to see my tips and itinerary for Huatulco. Enjoy your trip and take me with you when you go :)

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