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Fiesta, mañana, music, friendliness, food, peace and tranquility... This is what life is all about in Mexico besides work and routine...

Located in North America, Mexico is world famous for its oceans and heavenly beaches, its ideal temperatures as well as its archaeological sites and natural parks. The country has a strong tourism touch all year long with thousands of visitors. Although the cost of living can be quite high in some cities, life in the land of Sombreros can be very calm and peaceful. This is why Mexico is one of the world's key expat destinations.

Mexico is also known to be a festive country, day and night. But it is also a quite polluted country due to accelerated development. Moreover, some regions consist of danger zones. So it is better to inquire about the different cities and neighborhoods before moving there.

Culture and traditions

The Mexican population is known to be highly active, consisting of various traditional and cultural activities almost throughout the year. You are likely to find ''mariachis'' which are music bands whose musicians are dressed in slim black trousers and a very short coat, as well as a Sombrero (a very large hat), heeled boots, carrying guitars violins and trumpets. These music bands usually accompany civil, festive and religious celebrations. In fact, these are so popular that their music has been recognized as an immaterial human heritage by the UNESCO in 2010.

“Ferias”, which are held all around the country, usually indicate the fruit season. Beauty contests, “corridas”, horse races, cockfights, among others, are also held during this period. Corridas are appreciated for their family get-togethers from November to March.

Mexico is also known for the famous piñatas which are a real delight for children during festivals as well as birthday parties, Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Mexican feasts

Mexico is always celebrating one festival or another, be it from January to April or from September to December. If you are settling there, you will be able to enjoy the Epiphany, the Candlemas, carnivals, the Holy Week, the Independence Day, Halloween, the Saint Patron of Mexico's festival, and many others.

You simply cannot be off mood in Mexico. Happiness, prayers and music are almost omnipresent in this joyful and colorful country.


Mexico also has a rich cultural and artistic history which is portrayed through Aztecs and Mayans murals. These show a better image of the population's social and religion origins. Moreover, the famous artist Miguel Cabrera has demonstrated New Spain through religious paintings and portraits.

The country is also home to many contemporary post revolution painters, musicians, photographers, etc. These later gave rise to a distinct Mexican identity bases on regional and traditional concepts.

As regards Mexican arts and craft, you can only be amazed by Teotitlan carpets, Talavera, which are very popular with tourists.

Mexican mentality

You will be astonished by Mexican's lateness tendencies, contrasting with their festive attitude. But you will rapidly get used to that. They are just a few miles away from the British custom of being at least 15 minutes earlier. Being late at an appointment is almost a custom in Mexico.

You should also know that everything can be negotiated in the country, from a taxi trip till rent prices and a day off from work.

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