Electric bikes in Mexico

Mexican cities and villages are constructing long stretches of bike paths.  We live in Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Jalisco, and the state government is building a Ciclovia all the way to Chapala city.  In the US, there are so many options for electric bikes.  For example, the Rad Power Cargo bike is reasonably priced.  It's basically a car replacement.  My problem is that that bike doesn't seem to have much suspension and the cobblestones in Ajijic are very rough.  Any commens?

Does anyone know of a good e-bike vendor in Mexico City or Guadalajara?

Strohl  is the bike shop I am getting my electric trike from.  I got 750watt motor upgrade and 2x battery power, alarm, GPS.  They are on the Golden mile.

You can get super fat tires, thick padded seats and heavy duty suspensions. Since you have a motor there isnt so much of a weight penalty as there is with a conventional bike. Just try out a few models on roads similar to what you will be riding on.

I dont know about your area but San Miguel de Allende has several bike stores with eBikes and lots of cobbled streets to try them out on. Leslie Fay sells electric tricycles that have a large carrying basket in back. So you have the extra stability and extra carrying capacity. https://lesleybfay.com/electrike/

For conventional bikes I always bought used bikes to save money. But now with electrics I have learned that the issue is when the electronics or battery fails you want a reliable dealer that you can go back to.

Has anyone had problems with the electric bikes being stolen?


I'm not sure about electric bikes, I don't think I have seen any. lots of scooters though. As for bikes, oh yes they will disappear very quickly unless you are very careful and always lock them with a very good lock. I know someone who has lost 2 or three bikes, nice bikes, not beaters.


I have a alarm on my electric trike. A GPS tracker hidden on it. And we use a 1/4" braided cord to lock it up. Use it all the time and had it for over 9 months no problems.  I see some look... they see me turn on the alarm chrip chirp and lock it up and no one has even touched it.


the braided cord is your best bet , the alarm isn't as useful as you think. there are a lot of alarms that go off until someone gets sick of them and does something. Mexico is a country with a lot of noise. The alarm they hear is their own on their vehicle, not yours until it annoys them..

Does anyone tell me about the electric bike laws in Mexico, I'm doing a survey about electric bikes in Mexico. Thanks

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Do you have information regarding electric bikes in Mexico? If so, please post it here so that others can benefit from it.

I have seen them Costco in Cabo, so I would assume they are available at other locations for the holidays. You may also try a local bike shop but they are going to be expensive. I inquired about a bike from a shop and they charged almost $900 US and it was not electric.

Hi, How do I register my new electric bicycle at Mexico?

@dhamotharan Electric bikes, very funny. What I mean is don't bother,  The first time you "chain" your bike up outside of any public store/building you enter, it will be stolen -even in front of your own eyes. Have a good ride (singular).

@MexicoAfterlife hi there I am living in Cozumel and want to get an electric tricycle as my main form of transportation. May I ask where you bought yours from? I'm having a real problem with being assured that delivery can happen through customs from the US to Mexico so I was hoping to buy one here in Mexico. Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much.


Before making a purchase, it's a good idea to test ride different e-bike models to see how they perform on the specific terrain you'll be riding on. This can help you find the right e-bike that suits your needs and preferences, especially when it comes to suspension and handling rough surfaces.

***. Enjoy your e-bike journey in beautiful Ajijic!

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