Anyone with info on Rancho Costa Verde in San Felipe, Baja?

This forum is priceless, asked a question before about Bellazo/Kahlia which only had positive reviews and boy, was I glad I found out what it was like (hope Expat Girl did o.k.).

Again can only see positive reviews about them, seems to be a new development, but those may have some connection with the project, will attend their dinner informational seminar and trip (unlike the former there is no charge) but know there was a previous development called El Dorado Ranch that was a rip off and never fully developed. Have been googling, can't find any connection (could be well hidden) but marketing is the same, and will during Q and A session ask about that, the sellers may not know if it IS connected so asking here if anyone has bought into the development and what was their experience.

I found this, but last point was four years ago, has the situation improved?  Which I had seen this before last night, went to their informational dinner and of course, none of this was mentioned but wonder how they are still allowed to make their presentations if this is going on, but then again the lawsuits are in Mexico, not the U.S. so I guess there is no requirement for them to disclose it when making presentations in the U.S.


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