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San Miguel de Allende
Updated 2022-05-22 14:46

San Miguel de Allende attracts thousands of tourists, expatriates, professionals, retired senior citizens, students, and people seeking business opportunities every year. Many foreigners have invested in real estate development projects there, contributing to a booming real estate market. So, if you are moving to San Miguel de Allende, you should have no trouble finding accommodation. 

However, finding the right one for you might be the problem. That's where we come into play! Our article was created to give you an easy-to-read overview of all the things you should be aware of before packing up your things and moving to San Miguel de Allende!

The first step

Before you commit to accommodation you find online, you should spend some time in the city. Is it what you expected? Are you sure that you want to live there?

Furthermore, you should always take a look at the property before you commit to renting or buying. Does it look the same as it does in its pictures? What's the neighborhood like? Is it calm and peaceful, or more noisy and dirty?

It is an excellent strategy to book a hotel in San Miguel de Allende for the short term, which will give you the opportunity to explore the city before buying or renting anything. You can find hotels for all budgets in the city center. If you plan on staying for longer than a week, you can usually negotiate a better price at smaller, family-run hotels.

Getting to know the hood

San Miguel de Allende might not be a huge city like Mexico City, for example. However, still, it has its different neighborhoods - or as they call them in Mexico, “barrios” or “colonias.”

Let's take a virtual stroll through the city to find out what might be a fit for you.

Zona Centro

Suppose you want an authentic experience of colonial Mexico during the 18th century, the time of the Conquistadores. In that case, the historical center is really the most fantastic spot to reside in San Miguel de Allende. Property values have risen so quickly in recent years since everyone desires a slice of the cake.

Most contemporary design trends in town attempt to merge the old and new by incorporating contemporary elements with colonial buildings. Something worth noting and appreciating about San Miguel de Allende.

There are other zones worth mentioning in San Miguel de Allende:

Los Frailes

The colonia "Los Frailes" is among San Miguel de Allende's most desirable real estate areas of the city. It is conveniently placed just a few steps from the historical center of San Miguel de Allende. It is somewhat separated from the city's bustling streets, providing peace for those wishing to escape the city's hectic schedule. It also has fantastic views of the surroundings, such as the beautiful lakeside.

One of the nicest features of this neighborhood is the cobblestone alleys, which curl into a magnificent maze of buildings that are beautiful just to look at. Should you be able to accept that this area is located on a steep hill, the panoramas by themselves will quite undoubtedly make this property investment a rewarding one.


This may be the most valuable area in San Miguel de Allende when talking about buying property for investment reasons. One thing that elevates its worth is the absolutely superb location as it is next to the historic center of the city and plenty of the buildings are as ancient as the San Miguel de Allende itself. This town was able to preserve its historical significance for so many years. Also, we cannot deny that this part of the city is actually eye candy. It screams elegance everywhere you look. And taking a stroll all around the streets of this part demonstrates the reason it is rated amongst the most exclusive locations to reside.


It is a lovely and creative area with more than 40 sidewalk paintings. As the name might insinuate, at Via Organica, you have plenty of organic shopping and healthy eating options. So especially, the younger digital nomad crowd is amazed by its charms and seeks a living within the area of Guadalupe.

San Antonio

Expats love the tiny stores, neighborhood eateries, and coffee shops in San Antonio's mixed residential area. Many artists live in this area, with more than 40 participating in the yearly San Miguel Open Studios taking place every March. The center of the town is just a short and very pleasant 15-20 minutes stroll away, which offers you both: the less hectic side of San Miguel de Allende and the whole tourist experience!


Atascadero is a quiet, developed area with large roads and sidewalks. This area features a fast and simple connection to the freeways leading to the fabulous city of Queretaro and the country's capital Mexico City, should you desire to escape small-town life for a bit. Additionally, you can reach the Luciernaga Plaza super fast for some decent shopping possibilities or talk a light 10 minutes walk to the historical center of San Miguel de Allende.

Rincon de los Balcones

Sunsets are one of the most beautiful parts of life in San Miguel de Allende, and the greatest site in town to see them is "Rincon de Balcones." Houses with outstanding Mexican colonial elements may be seen at the summit of a steep road.

Most, if not all, residences in San Miguel de Allende take full use of the fact that being so high up gives you lovely scenery of the historical center, the lakeside, and the mountains while being bathed in the warm light of the sun during the day.

Ojo de Agua

Ojo de Agua is for those seeking breathtaking views but are still in proximity to the bustling streets of the city center. From this neighborhood, it does not take you much longer than 15 to 20 minutes to get to San Miguel's famous historical center. Huge plus: while strolling around town, you get to enjoy the wonderful streets of the city.


The Allende district is what you would call a hip, up-and-coming spot in town. With its new, artistically diverse area with beautiful houses, it indeed is eye-catching. Via Ancha de San Antonio, a trip through Cinco de Mayo leads to vegetable stores and eateries. Very desirable for the younger crowd!

Some other areas worth mentioning are these:

  • La Lejona:
  • El Milagro
  • La Serena
  • Punta del Cielo
  • Valle del Maiz
  • Arcos de San Miguel
  • El Paraiso
  • La Aldea

What type of accommodation is available?

Usually, you can find both: Furnished and unfurnished apartments. If you intend to stay long-term, it is probably better to rent a flat without furniture as these tend to be a tad cheaper. On the other hand, if you do not plan to stay longer than a year, it is not worth the hassle to accumulate new belongings, and it is the safest bet to just rent a house or flat that already has furnishings, upon your taste, of course.

How much should you calculate for rent in San Miguel de Allende?

The cost of renting a place in San Miguel de Allende is defined by the number of bedrooms and the unit's location. You may locate a good home for 300 USD to 400 USD per month. Usually, the center will be more expensive than looking for a house or flat to rent a little bit outside.

Many American and Canadian expats live in San Miguel on their Social Security checks, and one of their motives for moving to Mexico is due to the high costs of living back in their home countries. A central apartment with two bedrooms and two baths may probably cost 1500 USD to 1800 USD. Once you leave the downtown area, the costs vary. Although you only relocate a few minutes out of the center, the monthly rent will be drastically different - less expensive, and you will more likely have more space. You will probably spend for a two-bedroom, two-bathroom flat between 600 USD and 800 USD - and probably have a little yard for yourself.

Finding accommodation in San Miguel de Allende

The easiest way to find an apartment to rent in San Miguel de Allende is to walk around and look for signs that read 'Se Renta' (For Rent). You can supplement this search by taking a look at the classified sections of local newspapers or on websites like, inmuebles 24, Lamudi, and Vivanuncios.

If you are looking to purchase property, talk to a local real estate agent. The agent will show you what's available and help you with the formalities of buying property in Mexico.

In San Miguel de Allende and elsewhere, you basically have two options for buying a property: an apartment or detached home in a regular neighborhood, or an independent home or condo in a gated community, a fraccionamiento in Spanish. With security guards and shared amenities like swimming pools, gyms, and restaurants, these gated communities are becoming more popular throughout Mexico. However, they are typically more expensive than a home of a similar size in another part of town.

Probably your best option is to take a long walk around town and look for the “Se Renta” signs, as you can avoid costly fees from real estate agents or any other third parties and instead make a direct contract with the owners.

Another popular way to find an apartment is to join rental groups on Facebook. You can either publish a post about what you are looking for or search through their content. Additionally, there is the option to check out the Facebook Marketplace. You can easily specify what you are looking for, what area you are interested in, and what your monthly rental budget is like, and that way, you get a personalized catalog of properties.

How to buy property

One of the good things about buying property in San Miguel de Allende is that it is way easier and less costly than in coastal areas. This is due to the fact that in Mexico as a foreigner, technically, you are not allowed to buy property within 50 kilometers off the coastal shore. San Miguel is definitely not close to the ocean, so you do not have to worry about setting up a so-called fideicomiso to make this purchase possible.

In any way, it is recommended to search for a good real estate agent to lend you a hand during this process. Depending on what you are looking for, you will find houses between 150,000 USD and 300,000 USD - obviously more expensive ones too.

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We do our best to provide accurate and up to date information. However, if you have noticed any inaccuracies in this article, please let us know in the comments section below.