Relocating to Mexico

Updated 2022-05-25 15:23

Do you intend to relocate to Mexico? The most crucial step is to spend some time in the place. Learn about the cost of renting houses and flats, the quality of local schools, and safety concerns.

Stay in a hotel, hostel, or Airbnb with a kitchen, then go to the public market or grocery store to buy groceries for a week. Go out to eat at restaurants a couple of times and compare prices. Is it more or less than you anticipated?

After selecting an area where you can see yourself staying comfortably, consider how you'd sustain yourself. Do you have enough of your savings, or will you need to get a job? This factor is also significant in deciding your legal status in the nation. Usually, tourists can stay for up to six months - this is slightly changing now and not as easy as it once used to be. In major airports like Cancun or Mexico City, expect them to ask many questions and check for proof of a hotel, any other tickets, and, most importantly, a flight out of the country. If you want to stay longer in Mexico, you'll have to look into visas for Mexico. You will need a job offer to obtain a temporary residence permit with permission to work, or you'll have to establish that you have enough money to support yourself for temporary residence without permission to work.

Furthermore, before you transport your belongings, you'll have to find somewhere to live. Read more about finding accommodation in Mexico.

Before you move to Mexico

Examine the pricing of furniture, kitchen appliances, and gadgets in Mexico before making your move. Native carpenters make the least expensive furnishings, and many of them wander about the streets selling bedroom sets, shelves, tables, stools, and other items. They may seek consumers or establish a business on a street corner.

Big department stores within malls are another choice, as they carry a considerable spectrum of furnishings, equipment, and kitchen items.

Two of the biggest are Liverpool and El Palacio de Hierro. Browse their web pages to gather a sense of the rates they offer.

While furnishings and utilities are often more affordable in Mexico than in most Western nations, this is not always the case with electronics. Computers, iPhones, and flat-screen televisions are very pricey in Mexico, and many Mexicans choose to travel to the U. S. to purchase such products.

Moving companies

When you're finally ready to move to Mexico and have all the things in mind that you'll want to bring, you'll need to choose a moving service to help you transport your things. A moving specialist will eventually come to your house to examine the number of goods you want to carry. You'll need to designate which things deserve particular attention, such as specific packing. You must also state what tasks you will perform on your own, such as dismantling furniture and packing dishes. On the internet, you may discover international movers.

Most firms will deliver your goods straight to your new place. Other transporters, though, may not ship to private residences but rather to storage facilities, meaning you'll have to hire international moving professionals to transport your goods to their proper location, your new home.

Complete a careful inventory of your possessions to create a value statement. Typically, the provider will provide coverage to protect damages up to the amount you specified on the statement.

The insurance price may differ determined by the total worth of your goods and the destination to which they are being sent.

Customs in Mexico

It is critical to check with the Mexican Customs Department ahead of time, so you clarify the specifics of importing your commodities into Mexico, such as which things are forbidden and the current monetary worth of your goods that cannot be surpassed.

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