I am moving to Tijuana, Please help.

Hello, my name is Homero and i am a 25 yeard old male.
I recently finished out my contract with the Marine Corps. And am moving to tijuana.
I allready have the apartment and have moved most of my belongings from san clemente ca.
I am not sure if this is the roght place to post this but i am in need of some help from someone who lives in TJ with a pickup truck. All i have left to move is my small couch, small enterntinment center, about 8 wooden pallets(bed frame), a king matress and a fridge. I would cover all fuel costs. Moving companies are way to expensive and i truck rentals are not allowed in tj. Its not alot of stuff so if someone could hep me out, that would be amazing. Thank you very much.

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That's a tough one Homeropjr ,

Many of us just sell things like that in the U.S. and  replace them in Mexico. That works actually very well. The problem I would see would be it would requite probably 2 border crossings. I doubt that there are Mexican Americans who would want to do that, right now especially. I would expect there would be significant scrutiny on both sides of the border, even in the California border area.

There is a moving section under the tool bar on this site perhaps they could be of some help.

Have you considered posting your request on Craigslist?  If you could find someone with a truck on the US side who has a fast pass and sentri card so they could cross over the borders quickly that would work.  You could also post this request in one of the many San Diego Facebook yard sale groups I bet, especially if you offer to pay the person for their time.