cheaper moving everything or selling everything

I live in Mississippi moving next year. Would it be cheaper to move all our furniture  down or sell everything and start fresh? Thinking of going to puerto vallarta or guanajuato. If anyone has moved there furniture is there a moving company yall used?


Everything I have heard and experienced says sell it all, and start over it's much easier and cheaper. It's very different from where you live and what you would actually need would likely be very different.  Come, figure out where you will be and what you might need when you get here,

I'm like you, I love the stuff around me.  BUT, one of the reason for moving to Mexico is the difference, right?
I would bring down legal stuff needed to run your life, and precious mementos (this is my way of thinking), some art you love, etc and that be the end of it.  I know, I have a Tempurpedic King Bed that I cannot do without and was VERY expensive.  I might try to bring that.....I don't know yet.  Maybe someone can answer us here.  IF my heart cannot live without some thing I guess I'd have to find a way.  But my goal is to downsize my life and this is a forced way to do it.  I have been told that our northern woods will not do well down there, but then again I live in Phoenix and I'm doing okay with mahogany here.  I dont' know.
This is a question that I will have to deal with soon too .  I have not made my decision; I'm going on my first trip to Merida in January.    I'll be interested to hear how you make your decision!!!!

You are going to Merida AlicatAz. Merida is VERY humid, Tulum is even more humid. Leather, some fabrics and many woods do very poorly here. Your bed may be an issue also. Anything that can mold or rot will. Arizona is nothing like here. Compared to here Arizona is very dry. I was there recently and my hands and feet got dry and cracked due to the climate there.

By the way organic foods are available at Whole Foods in Arizona, you can also order online using thrive market.

Research carefully, much of your furniture will not be ideal for here. Some of it might be better in an area like where Babs lives but not in the yucatan.

Thank you so much.  I'm most concerned about my mattress.  So....the  rubber mattresses rot?  What works there for the foam bedding.  This is good to know.  I'm addicted to my bed.
AZ is a desert but I'm ok here.  I was born in the desert so we all adapt. 
I lived in Florida for a short time....all food went into zip locks.  My biggest concern was my hair....all frizzed up.  I guess new styles have to be found.
What kinds of fabrics are not good?

The problem is defeating the mold. Damp cotton molds, metal rusts, wood rots. It's an ongoing thing. I keep all the locks oiled, the hinges oiled , Two or three containers of DampRid in the closets and cupboards. If dampness occurs where you can't reach it you have a problem. That's what makes me think your mattress could be a problem. Come look at the mattresses here and talk to some people who live in Merida.
My bed is a massive wooden frame with a box spring. rather than a mattress I rotate foam mats, that I can air out. My clothes are fine because I make sure Damp Rid is always there. It works. The wood here is adapted local wood. The furniture here works here. Art work has to be protected from the wall in the older homes or it will develope black or grey mold.  this is a 200 year old house.
You just have to maintain a level of vigilance. It's warmer, and damper in Merida than it is here. Then there is the dust which is another issue. It's the tropics you have to adjust to dampness, heat, pests and high air conditioning costs.If your clothing is sheer and delicate it will probably not fair well. Cotton is good, but must be kept dry.
If the water is high mineral content like here, you will not have a dishwasher.

I brought down about $10,000 of electronic stuff, cameras, and computer accessories.
Much of it not available in Mexico,e.g., a 27" computer monitor.  These are categories where
prices are generally higher in Mexico.

The rest consisted of memorabilia, framed photos and works of art.
The total, packing, moving and customs agency came to $5000.
To me it was worth it.

But for a whole household, it would be 10's of thousand's easy.  Appliances and furniture are cheaper down here.

The Hard wood products will be fine. I have a Mahogany door and Windows and I have a house on Isla Mujeres and they do fine. They are 20 years old.  I do wipe them down once a month and varnish twice a year.  If you will have air conditioning then you will be totally fine with almost anything.

Well yes, except for the air conditioning bill perhaps. The electric bills can get very high with air conditioning.

you will be paying mexican tax 18% of what they think your stuff is worth aduana at border crossing

No one is going to able to completely answer your question. The best you can do is to get a quotes from freight forwarding companies. They will need to know, minimally, the cubic volume of your goods.  The value of your goods? Ultimately, they are only worth what someone pays. And what you finally receive, is it sufficient to furnish your new residence.  You may consider renting a furnished residence

Your post does not indicate if you have visited the locales you are intersted moving to. You should price goods in those areas.

Sorry, you have a lots of "homework" to do.

I live in the same area as "travellight". I have fans running 24/7 and two windows open. Have never had a problem with mold. The secret to combating mold is to have circulating fresh air. I rarely run my ac.

My comment about the air conditioning was in response to a post about wood and keeping wood intact. The poster was saying  air conditioning eliminates humidity damage to wood furniture .  Which it will, but it is costly. 

Managing heat for comfort is another issue. When I moved here there was wooden deck furniture by the pool. That lasted about a year or so, it got lots of fresh air , but it had to be carted away a few months ago in pieces. Draw your own conclusions about wood and humidity.

During the hottest months I do use aircon. because only some rooms have a fan and the kitchen ( with no fan)  gets very hot. Over time I have developed a tolerance  that allows me to use air con less. I do not have the ability to leave the windows open all of the time because of security issues ( got robbed when I tried that),  and lets face it BUGS !!.