Movers cost from San Francisco to Ajijic

How much would it cost to move a household of 2 from San Francisco to Ajijic? We collect art and we do not want to live in Mexico without it.

We are moving from Colorado  to San Miguel de Allende and looked into several companies. We decided on Mexico Moving Company, owned by Ronald Ponton. We are moving on the 15th of August and can let you know how the move goes after we arrive. Ronald came very highly recommended. We also spoke with and considered Golden Bear Moving Company in San Miguel, they do moves all over the world and are also highly recommended. We chose Ronald over them only because he was more affordable. I would check both of them out.
Here are their phone numbers:

Golden Bear Moving
Luis Ortiz, Jr and Mario Ortiz

Ronald Ponton, Sr.

Good Luck
Arlene Thomas

I'll check with the big company here, Strom White Movers' tomorrow and let you know.

I stopped in at Strom White Movers today who is the biggest international moving company here in Ajijic. They wouldn't give any kind of a quote as they would have to send one of the affiliate moving companies they use in that area to price it out. But... they said you can go to their website and download a 34 page document and if you have further questions you can call them. They speak excellent English.
U.S. phone 210-745-2479
email: [email protected]

Thank you very much for the information, it is greatly appreciated!  Happy travels to San Miguel   :)

Thanks again  :P

Another quick question in terms of buying furniture in Mexico.  Frankly people say furniture in Mexico is very inexpensive but I don't think that is true if you are looking to buy on the high end of the spectrum.  For instance, the furniture you see in  the model homes in La Reserva, Puerto Arroyo and Arroyo Alto in Ajijic... how much would it cost to furnish a 3 bedroom home with that type of furniture? 

Thanks Ricardo!


Hello.  I'm considering using Mr. Ponton.  Were you satisfied with your move?

Hello.  Forgive me if i sent this twice.  Were you satisfied with your move by Mr. Ponton?

Hello.  I'm considering using Mr. Ponton.  Were you satisfied with your move?


Your question was clear enough, no need to repeat it every 3 minutes!  Please avoid multiple posts like that, and allow others to respond.

Romaniac Experts Team

My sincere apologies for sending my post more than once.  I am new to this and could not tell if the first post had gone through. Your response has truly helped me learn my lesson.

I just saw your message. Ronald was wonderful to work with! He and his son, Ron Jr., actually came a day earlier than scheduled and helped with the actual packing, which we had not signed up for and our quoted original price was not to changed. I don't think we would have made it out in time, if they had not done that. We only had one small broken item, a lamp that his guy here in San Miguel even offered to fix for us. We had our things within 10 days from reaching Laredo, which is very prompt compared to some we have spoken to here who have waited weeks for their belongings to show up! Once in San Miguel, his local team here moved the furniture and boxes into the house, put together the beds, etc and were bilingual and a pleasure to work with. Ronald and his crew are honest and hard working and I would not hesitate to recommend them! Please let me know if you have any other questions. Arlene

Thank you very much for your helpful response Arlene.  I am using Ron and I have been impressed with his attention and caring.  Glad your move worked out.  May I ask what area of Ajijic you chose to live in?


Hi Kathleen,
Actually, we moved to San Miguel, a good friend of mine did move to Ajijic, the San Antonio area. She really loves it there! Good luck on your move and please give Ron a hug for me:)


Hello.  I don't know the costs related to your move but I did find Mexico Moving Company to be the best price.  They kept me abreast of everything, cleared customs with no problem and picked up and delivered goods as promised you can reach Ron Ponton at US 240-581-1764; 956-319-6734 US cell; 011521(477)670-5070 - MX cell.

He will respond to your request.

Good luck

Ronald is great! We couldn't have done it without him!

If you don't find your answer here try the Ladeside/ajijic Forum.  Personally I wouldn't live there if I were paid.