Relocating from the US with horses

I am an avid horsewoman and retiring in a year.  I want to relocate to a warm climate with mountain views, and low humidity.  Mexico has such friendly people and with a lower cost of living I think this is where I want to be!  Looking for advice about whether I can bring my horses into the country, locations for establishing residence that are horse friendly and offer places to ride regularly and general information.  Would love to connect with other horse people!

I'm a long time horsewoman so I understand what you mean. I brought all of my tack but no horse. I've been looking around ever since ( almost 5 years) for that horse place, and horses. Not full time mind you, but enough to know horse ownership and stables are not a priority here.
It's nothing like the U.S., so I suspect you would have to make your own area and trails .It's not as easy as I thought, or that easy to research. I've seen some rental horses in Cancun , Vera Cruz, and Mazatlan plus a rather disappointing place near where I live. It was said to have riding trails, but the stalls were depressing and mosquitoes overwhelming.
Overall, Horses seem to be rental horses, or sad thin creatures tied by the road to eat grass. The beach areas are the most likely places to find them.

There is probably some sort of health requirement and paperwork to import one into Mexico. I know there was a lot of paperwork importing one from Peru into the U.S. Regular pets like dogs would be easier because they wouldn't have the risk for disease to cattle that horses might. That' s why I figured if I got a horse it would be here. Other than seeing a handsome Andalusian as I drove by , I have seen no promising animals so far. Guys on the beach offered to sell me their horses, but I was not impressed.

I don't know how to help you exactly.  This may give you some Idea of what to look for.

I live in the outskirts of the small city, Coatepec, Veracruz.  It's humid here at times and it does get down below 60F in the winter.  Neither the heat nor the humid are oppressive.

It's a wooded area with an unpaved road passing by several largish fincas along unpaved lanes going off the road.  I rent an apartment in one of them.  The people who own the finca a 100 feet along the road have twio horses and ride along the unpaved road at times.  How far, I don't know.  In the wooded areas of Mexico, there are plenty of places to ride on public roads safely.

You might look into places like Patzcuaro, Chapala/Ajiic area.  Other parts of Jalisco plus Aguascalientes state, other parts of Michoacan.  Possibly Veracruz.  Where Americans with money to stable horses live and Mexicans with money live, there may very well be stables available. 

Mexico competes in equestrian events so there must be associations.  You might try contacting equestrian and breeding organizations in the US.

Ok Bigflower,

I changed my question and asked again. The question that brought the response for a place close to me is Cowboy. I'm sure you have heard of cowboying. It seems to make horses a little crazy, but it is what they use some horses for. There is a small pueblo 6 K. from me and I went there today. The horses are fairly well kept and there is a trail but most of the action is cowboying,

They had 6 quarter horses that were for sale that were in good condition, A bunch of skinny horses mixed with cows that are used for cowboying were in a coral out front. 10 stalls were occupied by boarded horses. The owner said, some people seem to buy horses just to say  They have horses. Two black Andalusian were owned by people like that . Clearly no one plans on combing any manes and tails of those two. The ranch owner said they just show up on occasion and sit on the horses.

There were also stalls where people board their horses. He said importing isn't too hard they require a vet certificate and sometimes they are put in quarantine. 3 of the quarter horses had been imported from the U.S.

I also understand that a wealthy man is planning on developing an area where he can keep polo horses because his friends like polo. That area is between Campeche and Merida. There are also two ranches closer to the pacific area that have a very large number of horses. The 3 questions I focus on are are there horses, in good condition, places where they would be well kept and is it safe. There are definitely horse areas near the boarder, but I wouldn't feel safe living near them

So It is doable, but I am still glad I didn't consider bringing a horse. There were a couple of pretty good quarter horses for sale so I got his phone number.  Few people do business cards here. I would buy and board here.

You might want to talk to one of the dude ranches that does the tourist ride  thing. they should have information about specific areas. There are also real estate companies selling ranchetts in SMA and other areas. Not cheap but a very popular tourist area.

We are moving to San Miguel in August and while looking at properties there in February, we viewed a house in a complex outside the city called Los Labradores. They have different types of housing from townhouses and condos to hacienda type villas. One of the amenities offered is a stable where you can board your horse and an arena. The weather is dry and warm,high desert at over 6k feet. I did not inquire on the riding trails available, but it may be an area of interest for you. There are also more expensive ranchettes available outside the city.  Good luck in your search:).

In Xalapa, Veracruz there is a horse club Coapexpan Club Hipico

We have horses - 8 that we won't leave without.  But we want to rent or buy a place with some kind of shelter and pasture as well as a house for us of course.  Also where do you buy hay or ?

We are open to anywhere - Chihuahua & ???

People interested in areas where horsemanship may be found might Google  Horsemanship in Mexico, Dressage in Mexico, charros and charreadas in Mexico.

Way back I had a friend in Zacatecas, Mexico whose daughter was starting dressage.  Zacatecas is also one of the main Charro centers.  a little effort might pay off.

Merida has a lot of horse people, I was looking at horses there , and they have several places that are horse oriented, some also board horses.
Plus I visited several small ranch spots looking at their stock, so I'm sure you could find property there.

Thanks for your suggestions! 
I didn't realize that about Zacatecas !
The charreada idea is excellent!  Most places of any size will have a Lienzo Charro and the people will know where the best places are for sure!

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