legality of your health insurance?

Updated 2010-01-20 09:04

Hi everyone!I´ve just discovered this site but am not 100% PC-literate (know the word "blog" but am still trying to suss it out!).

I´ve been in Germany since 1990 or is it 1992 and have noticed many changes. One of the biggest has been the effects of changes in the law since January 2009 with regard to expat health insurances.

It may come as a surprise to many but thousands of freelance/self-employed expats still use international health insurance policies despite the fact that they are no longer compatible with German health insurance laws.

The biggest issue is the exclusion of long-term nursing care (Pflegeversicherung) from international policies,with the result that:if you become an employee at some stage and enter the public system(gesetzliche Krankenversicherung),your international insurance will end and you will be forced to backpay into the German system till February 2009.

The same goes if you change to a fully-fledged private insurer here:there is no let up on this and it could be very expensive for you!It´s equally a folly for expats coming to Germany to think you can get away with travel, insurance and secure a visa to work.Just imagine you are here for the next three years and the authorities discover you have insurance which is not kosher!Is your insurance legal or acceptable for the authorities?I can help..let me know your situation and I´ll give you my views!Rant over and best wishes,John

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