chiropractic in Germany

I am a chiropractor living in Alabama. I have a job offer in Cologne but I am not sure how chiropractic is viewed by most people there. I also would like to know if anyone has had any dealings with American Chiropractic in Cologne.
Is it difficult to live in Germany? How does the cost of every day items such as groceries, electric, heating, and transportation compare to the US? Thanks

Hi and welcome to the forum.  I'm an American living in Germany for nearly 30 years.  Chiropractors are well liked over here and Germans believe in them and go to them regularly.  I wish I could find a good one where I live. Germans love Americans anyway, regardless of where you live over here. Since you'll be living in Cologne you won't have any problems adjusting to life over here with the exception of the language, unless you can already speak German. All Germans will speak English with you (they love to show you they can!) and the larger the city the easier it will be for you. I live in a small village so I had my problems when I first came over here. You learn to do without and learn to substitute. Cost of everyday items is about the same if you buy the generic brands. What's expensive is when you buy American brands when you can find them. Germany has a wonderful public transportation system, so getting around w/o a car is possible and gasoline is cheaper over here too. You can't get as much junk food over here (Fritos and the vast selection of cookies for example) but that stuff isn't healthy anyway. If you have any specific questions, ask and I'll be happy to answer.  When will you be moving over here?  It's a beautiful country and Cologne is as well.:cheers::top:

I don't know much about the other things you mentioned, but gasoline is not cheaper in Germany than in the US, not even close.

Thanks, I am in the process of learning German. It is difficult for me because I only speak English, Spanish and Vietnamese. I am not worried about gasoline, just everyday living expenses like food. I understand the public transportation is pretty descent over there so I will utilize that until I buy a motorcycle or ship my lexus there.
I am happy to hear about the liking Americans part. I was a little concerned because of the war and such. I will be moving there (Cologne) in January. It will be nice to be in such a history-filled country that is so close to everything. I am looking forward to lots of travel.

Nice to hear from you. Sorry for the delay in response. Won't be too long before you'll be over here. Cologne is metropolitan and yes, travelling around Europe won't be a problem. Living over here is the best teacher for learning the langugage quickly - that's the way I did it. You'll have another BIG plus point in that you're not only an American but an American who practices medicine over here!!!:top::top: I also work in the field of medicine and the doctors I deal with on a daily basis always get a kick out of speaking English with me and telling me about when they were in the U.S.A.  You'll be welcomed here warmly.  I live in village situated about 110km south of Stuttgart or 100km north of Zürich, very close to the Black Forest.  Give me a private e-mail if you want so we can chat on a private basis.  Would like that.  Could give you more tips if you are interested. :):top:  Gruss aus Deutschland nach Decatur (Greetings from Germany to Decatur):cheers:

Hello i have been accepted into Palmer Chiropractics in San Jose California but the  costs are outrageous. My question is what would you do, take the 160,000 loans and go out to america where i would be alone with my dog for up to 4 years. Or do an aussbildung over here in germany? If i learn in the states i will still have to come back to germany and do a Heilpraktikar exam which covers all desieses known to man kind and takes another year at least. during this time my debt will continue to grow. Than i would still need money to open my own shop later. As well as almost everyone that is important to me lives in germany not in america.... I guess the real question is how much more will i know how much better will i be if i go to school in the states verses if i do it in germany?

Cheif88, I know your message is quite old, I hope you selected Palmer as your school.  I am not a Chiropractor myself but I have worked as a massage therapist with a Chiroprator and I am committed for life to Palmer trained I think they are the most holistic of the schools and that would dovetail nicely with the European mindset.  Debt is a personal thing so you have to make that call, but the school itself is phenomenal.  San Jose...also pretty phenomenal, right near San Francisco, Napa, Monterey, etc. :)