Need help finding birth control pills


Does anyone know a good place to purchase birth control pills without prescription in Germany? Found doktorabc site, but I don't know is it good.
Please share your experience!

You cannot legally get them in Germany without prescription.  Make an appt with a gynecologist, or go to a country that sells them OTC like Spain or Romania, among others :)

hi, do u know if i will be given birth control pills with a foreign prescription?

i am from south africa and i just arrived in germany yesterday, i was unable to collect my prescription and was wondering if i will get it in germany..


Like mentioned one needs a prescription in Germany for the pill. Not sure if a foreign prescription will be accepted. There are pharmacies that advertise as being "international" which I assume means they give this service. But I think even then it will depend on the medication and possibly from what country the prescription is from.

There is such a pharmacy in Stuttgart center but not sure if it is common in smaller cities. Best to find a regular doctor and start the relationship as soon as possible anyway. Much better than waiting until one is really sick or in need of something.

Under all Germany health coverage, doctors' visits are free, medications mostly covered  although there is usually a co-pay of at least 5 Euro per medication. At least condoms are cheap and readily available even at most discount supermarkets at the check-out or in drug stores like DM - if that is an alternative.