IVF in Germany

Does anyone have any information about IVF here in Germany? Do the new lower cost apply to us expats oronly german nationals? Where are the best clinics? Should I look into going to Luxemborg? Any help would be great.

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I am also interested on what u asked. Did u get some answers?

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Hi there.  You are interested in IVF.  Well the bigger question first is are you married?  If yes, then no problem.  You just need to get info from your GYN.  If you are single or in a relationship (not married) then it is not allowed here in Germany.  My Partner and I have a little boy who was conceived and born in California.  Now we want to have a second child and we must now use the IVF procedure.  We are having it done in Denmark.  We were able to buy all the meds here, had all the required tests done here, we just cant take the next step here.  Good luck!

Yes I am married, yes German does have some unique laws considering the record low birth rates here. How versed are you with the new laws reguarding IVF costs here in Germany?

I am not familiar with the laws.  I would think that since you are a heterosexual married couple IVF would not be a problem  Your GYN should be able to help. 

Below is the ling for one of the best fertility centers in Hamburg.  You could call, maybe they could give you some information.


Cool and thank you very much. I was starting to wonder if expats just didnt cinsider IVF due to inconsistant life style and ever changing enviorment.

I was able to help you and good luck!  :D

I am in Luxembourg and am currently undergoing IVF. I cannot comment about Germany but I think the first step is to go to your GYN and tell him. He should point you in the right direction and give you all sorts of info and advice.