Dermatologist skin screening


I had today mole screening performed by dermatologist in Berlin. I went with public insurance. Procedure included checking moles on my full body including intimate areas. She of course asked about the history of skin diseases in my family and my sun exposure. Although after everything has been done I was told to sign at reception some agreement for this body screening. I didn't have a problem with this when I was there, maybe because I was still in some shock whatsoever after this intimate checkup 1f605.svg. I signed this but honestly I don't even know what it exactly was. I started overthinking it now and I thought maybe anyone of you would know. What kind of agreement I need to sing after this mole checkup. I don't speak German well, hence I wasn't really even able to read it with full understanding.

Thanks in advance!

Unless you find another dermatologist, who knows the procedure and documents, you won't get a useful answer - or how do you think anyone of us knew?

But you can certainly get a copy from the clinic and get it translated.

I personally won't sign something without knowing the content. Why didn't you ask?

Like asking what one has in their pocket. Nobody can know, Many medical procedures will entail signing a paper giving allowance and saying one is infromed of the risks. Or there can be elective procedures not covered by the insurance that one has to agree to pay for. Or who knows? Have someone who speaks German call the doctor's office and ask if you are curious.