EU citizens living in Germany

Hi! I was wondering if any EU citizens have info on what it's like to be an ex-pat in Germany! How simple/difficult is the process for moving there with an EU passport. Do you still have to register yourself? And if so, how soon? Also what is the health care situation?

The legal situation for EU-citizens is basically the same as for any German citizen living here:

  • You have to register your residential address with the authorities (at the local town hall or "Bürgerbüro") within a week of moving in.
  • German health insurance is compulsory for all residents. You have three months time to join an insurer of your choice (but will be charged retroactively, so there is no motivation to procrastinate).

Thank you, beppi. Can I ask more about the health insurance? What kind of info do you need to join? How much does it cost? Thanks again

We have discussed the German health insurance system in detil in other threads on this forum (and more information is available by searching the Internet). Please read those first and come back with more detailed concerns, as your general question above is not easily answerable (especially the cost aspect).

Thanks! I was just interested from the perspective of someone who is also a EU citizen and what their experiences were. I appreciate the help!