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Frankfurt am Main - Germany's fifth-biggest city - is located in the Bundesland Hesse and has become quite popular with expats over the last few years. Indeed, it has attracted thousands of foreigners worldwide, particularly from European countries, due to the various career opportunities it provides. Note that Frankfurt's population amounts to over 700,000 inhabitants, within the Frankfurt Rhine-Main metropolitan area of 5.8 million inhabitants.

Frankfurt is deemed to be an international city due to its developed economy and infrastructure, as well as its rich cultural heritage. It is also known to be one of the country's most expensive cities for foreigners. but, with a job in hand, you are likely to enjoy your stay there.

Frankfurt's economy

As well as being Germany's most prosperous city, Frankfurt is also one of Europe's most important financial and business hubs. This is partially due to the presence of its international airport, which is the third largest in Europe. The Hesse region's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) amounted to more than 263.4 billion euros in 2015, contributing up to 8.7% of the country's global GDP.

Frankfurt's main economic pillars are trade, telecommunications, and financial services. Frankfurt is home to more than 190 German and foreign banks (such as Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank, Dresdner Bank, etc.), as well as its own stock exchange, which is the second biggest stock exchange in the whole of Europe. Cultural events and advertising, as well as the chemical industry and automotive manufacturing, also contribute to the city's economy on a large scale.

Labour market in Frankfurt

The unemployment rate in Hesse stood at 5.6% in January 2016, representing 194,183 people, including 24,382 in Frankfurt. The labour productivity rate is above the national average and only the city states of Bremen, Berlin and Hamburg have higher. With a very strong financial services sector plus trade and services, foreign direct investment is double the German average and means that there are work opportunities for all qualification levels.

Importantly, the proportion of foreign workers in the Hesse region is much higher than the German national average at around 15%. Hence foreigners in Frankfurt are more likely to be hired by big German companies, such as car manufacturers Volkswagen and Opel; banks like Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank; or even Deutsche Bahn, Deutsche Lufthansa, etc.. The most sought after jobs are those of nurses and caregivers, medical professionals, engineers, mechanical and automotive specialists, energy specialists, mechatronics and electronics specialists, and tax and financial advisors.

Find a job in Frankfurt

Sending spontaneous job applications to major German and foreign firms operating in Frankfurt may grant you more chances of being hired. A knowledge of German is nevertheless required. You can also view job offers on the Internet and in classified ads in local newspapers. If you have already moved to Frankfurt, consider registering with local authorities or recruitment agencies.

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