How to find a job in Hanoi

Hanoi, Vietnam
Updated 2022-02-24 19:42

The traditional capital of Vietnam is quickly becoming a professional's paradise. Attracting over 20,000 expats annually, there is no shortage of new connections in Hanoi, both social and professional, and the opportunity to create and develop a thriving business for oneself. The startup and tech scenes are gently accelerating, paving the way for a more modern, innovative Hanoi. Thanks to the superb variety of jobs now open to foreigners here, finding a job in Hanoi has never been easier. 

Good to know:

Word of mouth plays a huge role in connecting foreigners with new opportunities in Hanoi, so keep your ear to the ground.

Over the last decade, thousands of international companies have set up shop in the Vietnamese capital, so be sure to use websites like Vietnamworks to assist you in finding a job in Hanoi. Another terrific starting point for your job search is right here at, where you will have access to hundreds of daily job postings. Many startups and small businesses even use the local social media groups like Hanoi Massive, a close-knit community with almost 50,000 members, as of 2021.

Whether you choose to arrange a job before arriving or to come here first and get a feel for Hanoi before finding a job, you will need to have a few things in place before your work permit, and residency card are issued. Naturally, you will need to present your employer with your credentials, which will include your CV, certificates of qualifications, and possibly some work references. You will also need to make long-term housing arrangements and sign a contract.

Depending on the nature of your new job, such as teaching in a high school, you may also need to apply for a police check from your own country. This process usually takes ten working days. Once you have all of this documentation, along with your professional credentials and ID, you will need to get everything notarized at your embassy. Make sure you don't miss your appointment as it may be several weeks before another becomes available.

How to prepare for your job interview

Although Hanoi can get pretty warm in the summer months, it is still best to dress formally for interviews. This will get you remembered for all the right reasons. You will almost certainly be offered tea or water while waiting and during the interview itself. Depending on the sector, most job interviews in Hanoi sway between a formal and semi-formal atmosphere. You may even find yourself dropped into a completely casual setting, but it's best not to leave anything to chance, so dress to impress. There is no need to wear a suit for every type of job interview, but a good choice of smart clothing will leave a sweet taste in the mouth of your potential employer.

Job interviews may be conducted one-to-one or with a consortium of people, so be prepared for both. A common way to finalise agreements in Hanoi is with some kind of social activity. Therefore, if you are offered the job, you may be invited to lunch or dinner to get to know your colleagues better. Socialising with those whom you work with is a widespread practice in Hanoi, so making yourself available at least some of the time is regarded as courteous.

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