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Added on 07/03/2024
Dr. Paul Morrison
Fixed-term contract
Added on 18/02/2024
USD 60
Everything you need to know to work in Hanoi
Finding a job in Hanoi
With Vietnam's new visa regulations, you will need to secure a job before entering the country. Opportunities to start as a tourist are fleeting and will cause unnecessary stress. Keep in mind that if you arrive on an employment contract and want to terminate early, your employer can cancel your visa and residence permit. The good news is that networking is your best bet to switch careers or find opportunities, meaning what you put into your career in Vietnam is what you will get out of it. 
Working in Hanoi
The traditional capital of Vietnam is quickly becoming a professional's paradise. Attracting over 20,000 expats annually, there is no shortage of new connections in Hanoi, both social and professional, and the opportunity to create and develop a thriving business for oneself. The startup and tech scenes are gently accelerating, paving the way for a more modern, innovative Hanoi. Thanks to the superb variety of jobs now open to foreigners here, finding a job in Hanoi has never been easier. 
Hanoi's labor market
Hanoi's services sector is growing exponentially, and foreign trade is at an all-time high. Agriculture has always been an essential part of the local economy, especially as Vietnam is one of the biggest rice exporters in the world. Thanks to improving technologies, as well as other entities, there is a new range of opportunities for the Hanoi expat community, making finding a job in Hanoi undoubtedly much easier compared to similar cities around the world.
The work culture in Hanoi
Working in Hanoi understandably brings up a lot of questions. Thoughts like, what is the work culture like? Or, what is the work-life balance expectation? Even more importantly, how do I immerse myself without embarrassing myself? In reality, things are nowhere near as bad as your nerves may be projecting. If you do not speak Vietnamese, rest assured your employers will speak English during work-related discussions or social gatherings. Colleagues are usually eager to help you learn Vietnamese and will enthusiastically help you try new foods.
Working in Vietnam
Anyone thinking about working in Vietnam is in for a treat. Compared to many Western countries, Vietnam's workforce operates in accordance with an entirely different range of customs and traditions. We have compiled the most recent information on the Vietnamese job market to familiarize you with the job-hunting process.
Setting up a business in Vietnam
Foreign entrepreneurs from across the globe have been landing across Asia for decades. In August, Harvard ranked Vietnam as one of the top six fastest-growing nations in terms of its economy in 2023. Stop watching from a distance and learn how to set up a business in Vietnam.
Added on 09/01/2024
USD 2200
Job candidates in Hanoi
Battery Development expert
Jeong Jun Kim
Fixed-term contract
Added on 21/05/2024
USD 200000
English Teacher
Fixed-term contract
Added on 04/02/2024
USD 1700
Architect with experience
Arc. Maskin
Permanent contract
Added on 16/01/2024
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