Searching for a nursing job or educator in hanoi

I am planning to go to hanoi by mid april, I am a nurse by profesaion but a college educator also, I would like to ask if a can find a job in a hospital or an educator in a medical school.... Or maybe an english teacher, but I don't have CELTA or any training cert.

I'm headed that way in March and I'm searching for the same! I've emailed a few hospitals, but haven't heard a word from anyone yet. I think it's because of the New Year holiday.

Actually I was interviewed in Vinmec hospital, the one that interviewed  me said that I'll wait for the HR to contact me, since he will recommend me, but up to now the HR haven't contacted me yet. Yes,  maybe because of the TET or i don't know if it is manpower pooling only.

It might be rather difficult to be a nurse on the floor of a hospital for the obvious reason that few of your patients would be speaking English, and I assume that you are not speaking Vietnamese.  Here is a link that shows starting, average and high salaries for nurses in Vietnam. … se/vietnam  The median salary comes out to about $1400/month which is quite high for Vietnamese and probably more than you would make teaching English.  However, it also probably means a lot more hours than teaching, as Vietnamese typically work a 6 day week and I don't expect nursing would be any different and may be even worse. 

Michelle78's experience teaching in a medical school might get her a similar job in Vietnam but she would have to round up letters of reference.  I had a brief experience teaching a group of four doctors at home.  One thing that I found is that they were not used to extensively interviewing patients but instead wanted to jump to a quick diagnosis.  Perhaps with some basic ESL training and maybe a year or so working in a regular language school, both of you could find a lucrative niche teaching English to people in the medical professions, either in private lessons or in a medical university.  It could prove to be better than either regular ESL work or nursing.

Thank you for the information,  I appriciate it very much.

I’ve decided to have my resume translated into Vietnamese. Once I get there, I’m going to hospitals to begin talks. I feel like I am standing in a dark room with no hope of finding the exit right now lol. I’ve emailed numerous places and haven’t heard back. I’ve received more feedback from this website and that’s not saying much at all. Have you heard back from HR? I’d consider volunteering over there, too. Oh, and lately, I’m thinking I can just do whatever I can to be there for the needy and just creating a documentary or something to give to future graduate schools. I feel relying on others to make our dreams come to life is not the way to go in this case. I leave in a week and have no job lined up.

Hi...I work for Vinmec too but for the new University we are establishing. We need nurse educators and such. Send me your CV and ur interests and let me see what I can do to help. I am the director of pre clinical education.
Charles Gullo PHD

Barbersb :

I've emailed a few hospitals, but haven't heard a word from anyone yet.

Barbersb :

I’ve emailed numerous places and haven’t heard back. I’ve received more feedback from this website and that’s not saying much at all. Have you heard back from HR?

Providing negative replies does not appear to be part of Vietnamese business ethics.  It is true in the ESL business and apparently in others.  It takes very little to send off what could even be a form letter.  Of course it is is also the norm that people in Vietnam do not make job applications by mail as they sometimes involve envelopes full of cash and connections through relatives. 

Barbersb :

I’d consider volunteering over there, too.

I would be very careful about volunteering in Vietnam unless it is with an internationally recognized NGO.  Maybe such positions would be available in nursing.  I would be wary of local charities.  ESL websites frequently have job advertisements for volunteer work for "poor" Vietnamese children.  If you dig in to the structure of these enterprises, you will likely find someone driving a Mercedes.  Vietnam has a growing middle class and an exceptionally wealthy upper class.  Charity should begin at home for the Vietnamese too.

This is great news. Where shall I send my resume?

I'd love to read your dissertation! I've seen your name floating around PubMed! Did you publish an article on Heat Shock Proteins?

Hi there,
People like me with PhDs and fellowships etc., do not have PHD dissertations in digital form for dissemination unfortunately.  Now it is common but not when I got mine in Microbiology and Immunology- even from the University of Virginia where I did my PhD.  I also did a fellowship at one of the Harvard Hospitals and there is nothing specific to show for that.  Just check my name C Gullo (or C A Gullo) in Pubmed (under the national library of medicine) and you will see lots of my publications...I have around 40 now (in cancer immunology and in medical education).  I think about 25 of them are on pubmed.  Yes, many years ago I worked on heat shock proteins and their relevance and tumor markers for blood cancers.  Over the last 10 years, I have been working on medical education issues and publishing recently in that area.  Thanks for your interest.  I will contact you once I hear back from HR.  Dont forget to tell me a bit about your long term goals.  Also, I am going away this afternoon for a work related trips to the US, so I might not be able to do much while I am gone.

I've sent you a private message with some background information and a bit about my long term goals. I'd gladly expound upon that if necessary. Safe travels and glad to hear that was your work. I feel I could learn a lot from you and your colleagues. I look forward to further discussion with regard to work and research.

Hi gud day. Are u still connected to this hospital? I'm a registered nurse midwife looking for a  nursing job here in Vietnam. Thanks

Hello Ate Michelle!
Ive been looking up online for nursing jobs in Vietnam when I saw this thread. How is it going with you? Have you found a job yet?
Im a Filipino also who's currently in Egypt with plans of moving to Vietnam on March for good.
How can I get a hold of you other than here?

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