Finding an internship in Vietnam

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Updated 2023-11-19 11:09

Interning can be a wonderful eye-opening way to experience a new country, culture, and work climate in your profession of choice. Internships are on the rise in Vietnam, and there are a number of opportunities for young people to get their foot in the door of this exciting and rapidly growing country.

All foreigners doing formal internships in Vietnam are required to obtain at least a DH student/intern visa, regardless of whether it is informal, unpaid, or found via NGOs.

Internship in Vietnam: Steps after acceptance

If you have found a paid internship in Vietnam, the company will apply for a professional visa on your behalf. You will need to send your personal information, including your name, your birth date, passport, and details about the location and duration of your stay in Vietnam. A company sponsoring your internship might require you to be skilled or qualified in a certain area and reserves the right to request proof of qualification and identification upon arrival.

In some cases, you might have to go to your local Vietnam Embassy to complete the application form. Otherwise, the process is typically conducted smoothly online. Once your authorization of entry has been obtained, it's time to begin planning your trip to Vietnam. Find more information on to answer all of your questions about accommodation in Vietnam.

Which industries offer internships in Vietnam?

Below are some of the industries where interns are in high demand. Do note that this list is not exhaustive, and for your success, it is best to learn basic Vietnamese before your internship start date.

Information and computer technology

It's probably no surprise that interns are in high demand in Vietnam's rapidly expanding ICT industry. Not only are technical engineers required, but some companies also seek foreigners with general technological experience, e.g., having used websites for many years and having good insights into users and user interfaces.

Tourism industry

An internship in the country's booming tourism industry will expose you to many facets of developing sustainable tourism. This is also a great way to exercise your affinity for traveling and exploring a different culture. Be warned that many of these internships are unpaid and will instead offer a substitute of providing room and board. You may want to double-check the reputation of any company before you sign an agreement.

NGO internship opportunities

Use websites like NGO Recruitment to discover what options are available and meet the deadline for applications. With a focus on communication or project management skills, there are many opportunities for current students or new graduates.

Finding an internship in Vietnam

Finding an internship in Vietnam is often not as easy as finding a job. However, it is still possible and very much encouraged. Foreign Chambers of Commerce can assist in sourcing an internship. You can also check out websites like RMC Asia, Glassdoor, LinkedIn,, and CRCC Asia. Before you send any private information, make sure to check for reviews and any other experiences from the same placement.

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