Looking for English speaking nanny. Top salary

Looking for someone who speaks English well to look after my fiance. She is currently taking care of a 1yr old girl and a 10yr old boy who spends most of his time away at school.

It is a live in position and money isn't an issue for the right candidate.

Welcome on the forum jrondo66,

Can you please post your message on Vietnam Classifieds page, Category>Jobs.


do you have another job?? or even online only 10 dollars per day.. please pm me..


I am responding on behalf of a friend.  She is a 24 year old Philipino woman looking for a live in maid/nanny position.  She is currently work as house help in Phu My Hung and looking for a new position.  Educated, honest, sweet and very good with children.

If interested let me know and I will put you in touch.

[email protected]


I'm an English 46yr old baby nanny of over 20yrs and more than 30 babies and children so far.
My experience includes maternity nursing, live in baby nanny, full time day nanny, and night nanny and I've cared for three sets of twins,some disabled and/or autistic babies and also have plenty of experience with older children, and get on well with kids and teenagers.
Ilive in London and used to be a TV actress ( feel free to google me - 'Emma Wray"- my stage/acting/TV name, where you will find a CV of my acting career and photographs of me) but I took 2 yrs out to travel around with world with the money I'd made. During that time I also worked with Thai children in an orphanage and taught African children English as a foreign language.It was an amazing, invaluable experience. From then on I wanted to work with children and find it much more rewarding.I also traveled extensiveley in South America so speak basic Spanish which I am happy to teach when the time is right.
I'm also very musical, my main instrument being the guitar mainly because it's portable, and I've passed this on to lots of children I've worked with - and I'm partial to many a nursery rhyme (or modern'pop') for singing and dancing.
I have many references an enhanced CRB and St John Ambulance First Aid for Babies and Children. Most of my references are only hard copies which I will bring if we agree to meet up though if you write back I'll send the ones I have on file.
I look forward to hearing from you with a view to meeting yourself and the rest of the family.


Curriculum Vitae for Gillian E. Wray


1976-1982 - Birkenhead Park High School

7 ‘O' Levels
4 ‘A' levels

1983-1986- Rose Bruford College of Speech and Drama – London
B.A. Hons. Degree in English and Theatre Arts

Childcare Qualifications

2005 - St. John Ambulance Lifesaver for Babies and Children.

1998 – 2005 - Experienced in swimming instruction for babies and toddlers.

Childcare Experience

Feb 1996- May 1997- Full time mothers help to young mother and new born. Mother took over alone (ref's) (Liverpool)

June 1997 – Jan 1999- Full time after school carer to brothers, 4 and 6. Family moved.(ref's.) (Muswell Hill)

March 1999 – May 1999 – Seven weeks as an assistant nursery nurse with children aged 6 months to 4 years.(ref's. and certificate of course completion.)

July 1999 – Nov 2001 Live in full time Nanny to 12 yr old with ‘Williams Syndrome' (special needs). Started specialist boarding school.(ref's available) ( Clapham)

Dec 2001--  August 2002 - After school sole charge carer to four children - two boys of 4 and 6, and two girls of 2 and 9. (Finsbury Park N4)

Nov 2002 – Sept 2003 – Live out full time Nanny, overnight sitter and baby sitter to boys 4 and boy 8 months. (Single parents father) Father remarried and his new wife took over care of children. ( Finsbury Pk. N4)

Sept 2003- Feb 2004 – Live out full time sole charge nanny to three year old boy. (continue as babysitter now he is of nursery age – ref's. available) (Southgate N14)

Feb 2004.- May 2004 – Live out 3 days per week sole charge nanny to four month old twin boys. (Mother took over alone, though help out when possible) (Ref s. available) (Strattford E7)

Running concurrently with:-

July 2003 – Apr 2004 – Part time sole charge nanny and overnight sitter to 16 month old boy with hemiplegia and speech difficulties. Family moved to Hong Kong, but are contactable.via email (ref's. Available.)( Marylebone W1)

June 2004 - Oct. 2005 - Two days per week sole charge with baby boy from 6 to 13 months. Ended as baby came of nursery age.(ref's available)( Finchley N7)

Running concurrently with:-

May 2004 – Sept. 2005 - Three days per week sole charge Nanny and overnight sitter with girl from 2 to 4yrs, and boy from 9 months to 23 months. Ended Dec when children came of nursery and school age. (Ref's available) ( Dollis Hill NW6)

From Oct 2005 to Dec 07, due to family problems I took full time charge of my 3yr old neice in Liverpool, and could not continue Nannying on a regular basis. Problems solved, my sister has been able to return to taking care of her little girl again and I to being a Nanny. As the only reference I could have for this period would be from my sister, I don't feel I should put this on my CV as work experience. You can of course speak to her should you wish.

Throughout this period I used a Liverpool based agency for temporary night nannying, looking after babies with sleep difficulties or no regular night time routine. I have telephone references should you wish to discuss my methods with any of them.

Dec.07 – Jan 08 – Full time Christmas cover Nanny and night sitter to two yr old girl. Position ended when full time Nanny returned to work.(refs avail) (South Kensington WC1)

Sept 07 – Sept 08  - 3 days per week sole charge Nanny to boy from 8 months to 18 months and girl new born to 4 months.(refs avail) (Highbury N4)

Aug. 08 - 4 days per week, sole charge live out Nanny and babysitter to baby girl from 2 months to 7 months. (Muswell Hill N10) ( moved to Australia but twritten and telephone refs. available)

Running concurrently with:-

Sept 08 – 2 days per week, sole charge Nanny to 14 month old boy. (Queens Park NW10) (telephone refs. avail.)

Sept 08 - Joined Night Nannies Agency. - Several maternity and night nannies position lasting between 1 day and 2 months.( written references are kept by the company but tel. Refs. avail.)

Dec 08 -  Ongoing - Weekend maternity nanny to premature twin boys, one with chronic reflux.
(Hampstead NW3 )( telephone refs. available)

Running concurrently with:-

March – June 09  - 3 days per week temporary day and evening nanny to 3 month old boy. (Notting Hill W2)( telephone refs. avail.)

Running concurrently with

April – June 09   - 3 nights per week maternity nurse to new born boy with chronic reflux and prolonged jaundice. Adviser on sleep routine and breastfeeding. Helped out with  2yr old sibling when necessary. Continue as babysitter.( Notting Hill W2) ( written and telephone refs. avail.)

June – July 09 -  6 nights per week maternity nurse to new mum and newborn boy. Advice on sleep training and breastfeeding. ( Hammersmith) ( refs avail.)

Jan 09 - Jan 2011 - 3 n/p/w for 3 months then 4 d/p/w caring for twin boys 2 months to 2yrs t, one with severe reflux, .(Lewisham,) (refs avail)

Sorry - I forgot to leave my email address.

Telephone number: xxx

Thank you for your time.


Hi Jill,

you should never give your email address on forums !

Julien wrote:

Hi Jill,

you should never give your email address on forums !

Or publish your mobile for that matter!

I created this account for messages answering my advert from parents in Vietnam.
As the only reply I've had so far is you, I really can't see the problem.


Jill, That's why better post that in Ads column, simply as that.

Good day! Im carmina manguiat from philippines,but im here now in Ho chi minh city vietnam for findng a job.I would like to apply for the position as nanny.I thoroughly enjoy spending time with children and experiencing the uniqueness of each child. My priority when working with them is to create a warm, safe and dynamic atmosphere and build a trusting relationship with them. I am very enthusiastic about this job and this enthusiasm lends me the ability to inspire and stimulate children to reach their full potential. I also have excellent verbal and written English communication skills.
And i really love cooking as well..I will do my best to look after her emotional and physical well being and I will also respect any decisions in terms of how you want your child to be raised. here is my contact number xxx

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours faithfully,

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Can I apply? i am a teacher in Thailand willing to relocate in Vietnam I want to visit Vietnam. Thank you

Hi englishtutorfirst,

This post is from 2011. If you are looking for a job, feel free to drop your cv in the correct section of the website, that is the Jobs in Vietnam section.


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Hello I'm Aiza Geolingo I'm a teacher here in district 2... Im from philippines. How to contact you sir or ma'am? ... And how much the salary?