Meeting people in Hanoi

Developing your social circle in Hanoi
Updated 2023-11-17 18:09

Moving to Hanoi can be a challenging venture. After integrating into the culture and trying to understand the labyrinth of traffic, you can't ask for directions due to a new language barrier - one of the most daunting parts of moving abroad is making new friends. As one gets older, this can become a little trickier but fear not. is well equipped with tips and tricks, all designed to make you feel as secure as possible within days of arriving.


If you don't have a smartphone already, buy one at your earliest convenience. Networking apps are extremely popular in Hanoi and are your gateway into local society.

The Internet connects everyone and also can be held in the palm of your hand. We encourage you to look through these recommended apps and websites to help meet people and find Hanoi's social pulse.

The importance of Facebook in Hanoi

Vietnam lives on Facebook, and it is your one-stop shop to learn everything. You will quickly find a group or page that will introduce you to events, apartments, or potential dates! The most heavily used of these groups is Hanoi Massive and Where In Hanoi. While the “massive” community has been around a lot longer than Where In Hanoi, both pages will provide answers and up-to-date information on anything you are looking for.


As soon as you have a Vietnamese phone number, download this app to connect with friends and local shops. It is primarily used by local citizens, and Zalo is an excellent way of making new friends with features like Zalo Connect and Recommended accounts.

Offline ways to meet people in Hanoi

You'll find lots of language exchanges scheduled in coffee shops or restaurants that will encourage you to learn Vietnamese while making new friends. You can also look up sports teams to join or take part in initiatives like Keep Vietnam Clean. When you start researching your passions, you'll instantly be connected with new people who have a shared interest. We know it can be uncomfortable and maybe a little scary at first, but put yourself out there, and you'll be thrilled with the results!

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